What’s happening in the 7/8/9s – week 4

Greetings 7/8/9s families,

We had another busy and fun week! The 7/8/9s have taken on some very exciting projects and we’re looking forward to working on them more this week!
In writing last week the 7/8/9s published their Prospect Rock hike book. After writing about the experience last week, the 7/8/9s worked together this week to re-write and illustrate the story. They planned the publishing together – figuring out that each student would have to write 4 sentences and draw 1 or 2 pictures to complete the story. Then we bound the book together – feel free to stop by at drop-off to read the story!
In reading this week we worked on reading independently. The 7/8/9s had a chance to choose some new books to borrow from the library. We also spent some time studying words with common consonant pairs which work together to make new sounds such as ch, wh, sh, and th. The 7/8/9s sorted out words with these consonant teams and came up with more words to add to the lists.
Last week in mathematics, the 7/8/9s continued to work on combining multiple numbers using place-value based strategies. Early in the week the 7/8/9s took turns drawing as many stars as possible in one minute. Then they worked to add together these 2-digit numbers by first adding the tens and then adding the ones. They were able to work together and solve these tricky addition problems, checking their work with connecting cubes.
Later in the week the 7/8/9s were challenged to come up with their next math project. They decided to return to our names problem and came up with the goal of adding together all of the letters in the names of every person in our school. To do this they started by interviewing the 4/5s and collecting information about their names. On Friday the 7/8/9s worked to organize this information. We’ll continue this big adding project this week with the goal of presenting our findings at Town Meeting on Wednesday.
Social Studies and Science:
This week the 7/8/9s began to think deeply about what makes a forest. After agreeing that some of the most important parts of a forest are the plants, land, and animals we began reading some books about forests.
After scouting out some good places around school the 7/8/9s chose a square of woods to call our own. We marked the space with yarn and plan on returning to it several times a week to do observational drawings and collect things we notice about how the space changes with the seasons and weather.
The 7/8/9s were very excited to learn about different kinds of trees and wanted to identify the trees on our campus. To start this big project we decided to plan a trip to the Manchester Library to borrow some field guides. On Friday we began to collect clues which we believe will help us to identify the trees around our school. This week we will work together to map and identify some of the trees on our campus using field guides and leaf, seed, and bark clues.
I’m looking forward to another exciting week with the 7/8/9s! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me!

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