What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 5

Greetings 7/8/9s Families,

It was a rainy week in Manchester and it finally feels like fall! Our class enjoyed the weather, on both wet and dry days!
In reading last week we began to read aloud the novel “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl. The 7/8/9s have enjoyed hearing this story read aloud and have been working to make predictions between each chapter. Predicting is becoming more natural for the 7/8/9 readers, they love to share what they think will happen next!

To help develop and practice story grammar we are also working to illustrate and retell big events from the story from the beginning, middle and end as we read. This week we will be talking about characters and their traits, as well as setting.

In math last week the 7/8/9 mathematicians completed their names project. Early in the week they worked to add up all of the final numbers from each class. Then they began brainstorming how to illustrate to the school what they found out during town meeting. After deciding to show the other children how many letters are in every person in our school’s names by making several long trains of connecting cubes they set off to create these structures. An exciting moment was when the 7/8/9s realized we didn’t have enough cubes, then they figured out how many we needed to borrow from the 5/6s and 6/7s.

The 7/8/9s presented their work at town meeting and after they looked more closely at our work, the 6/7s found some errors! The 7/8/9s were excited to double check their work and find all of the mistakes. They were able to re-calculate the totals for the classes to find an accurate total.

Also in math last week, the 7/8/9s began to talk more specifically about place value. By building and adding up numbers using base-10 blocks and charts, the 7/8/9s are getting more comfortable with this important concept.

After town meeting on Wednesday, the 7/8/9s were very inspired by the books published by the 6/7s. They decided that they would also like to write books. After some brainstorming and writing out loud during writer’s workshop, the 7/8/9s all came up with exciting stories to write. Some of the stories are fiction and others are non-fiction. All of the students are working on stories independently, but we are coming together each day to workshop each other’s writing by reading it aloud and collecting questions and comments.


Last week the 7/8/9s really jumped in to their tree identification project. After collecting evidence from trees around school they began using the field guides we borrowed from the library to identify the leaves, seeds, and bark from the trees on our campus. The 7/8/9s made posters to show what they noticed about the trees and leaves we studied so far.


The 7/8/9s are especially interested in uncovering more information about the evergreen trees behind school. They are fairly certain that the trees are spruces, but are very curious about how the needles on some of the branches have changed color. This is something we will continue to investigate this week.

“The evergreen had red and yellow needles. The needles are usually green.”

The 7/8/9s also constructed a landmark map of part of our campus out of blocks last week. Over time we hope to rebuild this map in different ways until we find a way that best helps us organize our ideas about the trees.

I’m looking forward to another exciting week with the 7/8/9s!


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