October 7, 2015


Eden 10:7E2“We have yellow books. I started Bad Kitty. It is a funny book.”


Thome 10:7T2“This is my bug I found near the class tree. It is being sent everywhere.”


Knox 10:7“We played a game that has cards that have letters and you have to match them.”


Colby 10:7C2“Brittany is going to ride the subway.”


Addy 10:7A2“I drew the jobs board. It is nice having jobs.”


Roo 10:7“This is Brittany going to New York. This is Brittany going on the train.”


Bella 10:7B2“We’re playing Kick Ball. It was awesome.”



Through a series of observations, we have been gathering information about what we know about the Manchester community. This week we began to organize this information and have discovered that most of what we have observed can fit into the following categories — Transportation, People, Buildings, and Outside & Nature. We still have a few walks to take, subcategories to agree upon, and one or two existing lists to organize. Stay tuned as we consider the choices that people made in designing Manchester and how these choices support and reflect the needs and wants of the people in the community.

Town 2

Town 1

Town 3

Fall Exploration



Alexandra will be joining us for a second session each week to work with the 5/6s through the 7/8/9s on yoga and mindfulness practices. The first session was a smashingly calm and steady success for all of the 5/6s & 6/7s! This may be just what the doctor ordered.


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