What’s Happening With the 7/8/9s? – week 6

Greetings 7/8/9s Families,

Last week the 7/8/9s played host to the 6/7s on Thursday and Friday and we enjoyed a few out of the ordinary days of school full of group work time projects, lots of outside time, and some special read aloud times. The 7/8/9s did a great job helping to make the 6/7s comfortable in our classroom and were flexible learners as we used Brittany’s room for many of our lessons as well. They should be proud of their hard work and wonderful hosting!

We played in the rain, baked with squash (and ate the seeds), drew rainy drawings, built with lots of blocks, and had share together! 
We also had a new special last week! Every Wednesday from now on we will have yoga after lunch! The first class went very well and the 7/8/9s seemed to really enjoy the relaxing experience!
In reading last week the 7/8/9 readers continued to build their understanding of story grammar as week read “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. The 7/8/9s worked to turn their memories of the story into a time line and filled in the gaps. Each day as we read more of the story they worked together to choose the most important events and illustrated them for our time line. We will continue this activity this week. In addition to talking about story sequence, the 7/8/9s spent some time talking about characters and character traits together.
This week we will add characters to our character chart and we will continue to build a time line for the story.
In math the 7/8/9s are continuing to work on their study of place value and the number system. Last week we learned 2 new games that help us practice understanding numbers as tens and ones.
“Race to $1.00” allows the 7/8/9s to practice this concept through the lens of money. As they collect pennies and exchange them for dimes, they race to collect enough change to exchange for $1.00.
“Fill a Flat” is a game played with base-10 blocks. Each player begins with a 100 flat and collects single ones cubes to exchange for tens until they reach the goal of 100.
During both of these games the 7/8/9s are required to record their work. As the game is played they record the action they took as well as their new total. This reinforces adding one and two-digit numbers. We will continue to practice these games this week.
In writing last week the 7/8/9s completed their first books of the year. This week during writers workshop the students will listen to each other’s books and practice offering constructive feedback. Then we will plan our next writing project.
Science and Social Studies: 
In science last week the 7/8/9s continued to study their chosen tree which is located behind our school building. They continue to be intrigued by how the ever green trees are changing in autumn. This week in science we will begin to talk about other plants that make forests their home.
Looking forward to another great week!

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