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Week of October 12, 2015

In Movement class with Alexandra we tried out some new warmup exercises including swinging our arms around our bodies and squatting like laying hens.  Who would have thought that pretending to be a chicken would be a great way to get our bodies moving?!  The children also did some pairs dancing, and then the pairs lined up next to one another to create an aisle.  After that they took turns dancing down the aisle.  It was a little tricky, but they got the hang of it and had lots of fun dancing to some groovy music.

On Wednesday I put the rice and beans table away and put some farm magnets on the magnetic fire place cover.  The children created several different farms scenes and I heard “Old MacDonald” a few times that day.

On Tuesday, the children created a beautiful tape mural, which now hangs in our classroom.  Every child put at least one piece of tape on the mural, but a few children added LOTS of tape.  Some children cut short pieces of tape and others cut long pieces of tape that whirled and twirled on the paper.  Many people who walked through our classroom commented on the mural’s beauty.

A few children were quite interested in making their own books.  I supplied them with a few pieces of paper stapled together and some markers, and off they went!  Some children spent a lot of time on one page and put their books away for later.  Other children just wanted to make their mark on each page.  Most of the books were about vehicles, many with faces.  The children LOVED having their very own books mixed in with the other books in the book bins.  They are very proud of their work!

I brought the duplos back into the classroom this week and there was a lot of building going on.  Some children built enclosures, while others built tall towers.  There were even a few very tall diving boards.  The children like to save their work for others to see at the end of the day, or just to save it and return to work on it later.

Santa and his reindeer have returned as part of our outdoor play.  I suspect this will be the case for the next few months.  This time, the play focused on the reindeer rather than on Santa.  Some children pretended to be reindeer and crawled around the grass, but the real draw was to feed the reindeer.  Many children found a bucket, cup, or some other container and filled it with a combination of sand, dirt, twigs, and leaves.  Those reindeer were pretty happy!

On Thursday and Friday, the children enjoyed their time with Kathy Penge.  They read and reenacted the book Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper about a squirrel, cat, and duck that like to make pumpkin soup.  They did the “Hokey Pokey” and on Friday they took a walk through town to the Northshire Bookstore.

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