What’s Happening With the 7/8/9s – week 7

Greetings 7/8/9s families,

The 7/8/9s had another exciting week last week. One of the highlights was hosting our first Town Meeting! The 7/8/9s worked together to plan the meeting on Tuesday, coming up with new hello and goodbye songs to teach the other students. Then on Wednesday morning they led the meeting. Cian served at town meeting mayor last week and the other boys took on responsibilities such as introducing our share and leading the songs. They also chose to share a poem with the group called “Harvest Home” by Arthur Guiterman. They read the poem aloud to the whole school and it was wonderful. I’m super proud of the work the boys put in to meeting last week and I know this week will be great again!
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Last week felt like the peak of autumn – we were lucky to have lots of beautiful days to enjoy the leaves together! We also had a visitor last week!


In reading last week the 7/8/9s finished creating a timeline of the novel “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. They loved reading this silly Roald Dahl story and were able to study character traits as well as story sequencing through its lens. This week we will begin a new read aloud also by Roald Dahl.
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The 7/8/9s are also working on reading independently. By devoting 15-20 minutes every day to quiet reading time, the children are working to build they totally independent reading stamina.
In math last week the 7/8/9s continued practicing place value games such as “Race to $1.00” and “Fill a Flat”. They were also challenged to solve multi-step addition problems independently.
At the end of the week we began to review reading and writing addition story problems. The 7/8/9s were first challenged to write a story problem about a specific addition equation. Once it was clear that they understood how to write these important problems, they were given a chance to write their own story problems. We’ll begin this week by solving each other’s story problems and sharing strategies!
Science/Social Studies:
While over the past few weeks we have focused on trees, last week in science we began talking about other types of plants that grow in forests. We read a book called “How the Forest Grew” to help us begin to understand succession in forests as well as how different plants depend on each other.
Early in the week we spent some time doing observational watercolor paintings of our square behind school.
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At the end of the week we collected evidence from different plants around school and created relief prints or fossils of their leaves. This week we’ll paint our prints and continue to talk about plants.


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