What we did this week – by the 7/8/9s

This blog post was dictated by the 7/8/9s. We didn’t have time for illustrations this week because of our Halloween celebration! 

Hey Parents!

This was a short week but we had fun.

We had yoga with Alexandra on Wednesday. We got to have animals to balance on our heads.  We did downward dog and it was amazing. We also did the butterfly stretch.

We made marshmallow sculptures in art. We used toothpicks and marshmallows and we figured out how to make our sculptures stable. It was fun. Then Stacy let us eat 3 marshmallows.

We played hide and seek a lot this week. It was fun. Kelley and Nathaniel were “on fire” at hiding. We found a new fort it is in the woods by the sledding hill. There’s tons of different paths and it’s like there’s a roof because all of the branches above us connect. We like it a lot.

Cian and Kelley learned to weave at work time, everyone else has been working with blocks, and Sami made fox ears for her Fantastic Mr. Fox costume.


We read the story of the headless horseman just before we wrote this letter during snack. The headless horseman took Ichabod Crane’s head. It was kind of creepy and gruesome.

Today is Halloween at school and we are having a party in the afternoon. We are going to have pudding with gummy worms and hot apple cider. We get to wear our costumes.



We hope you like this newsletter!

From the 7/8/9s

By: Cian, Kelley, Nathaniel, Noah, Willem, and Matthew

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