What’s happening with the 7/8/9s? – Week 9

Dear 7/8/9s Families,

Last week was a short week and so this will be a short newsletter : )
Please check out the blog post written by the 7/8/9s on the blog for more photos from our week.
This week we are excited to be welcoming Chloe into our class! She will start with us on Monday, November 2nd! 
In reading last week the 7/8/9s focused on independent reading stamina. They have been challenged to read quietly for 20 minutes uninterrupted and have been able to rise to this challenge! We will continue to practice this important skill this week as we also continue our character trait and story grammar work with Roald Dahl’s “The Witches”.
In math last week the 100 chart was introduced as a tool for addition. The 7/8/9s were also asked to think about the 100 chart and to find patters and uses for it. They worked on creating their own personal 100 charts and shared ideas with each other about how the chart might be useful in solving bigger math problems.
This week the 7/8/9s will be challenged to use the 100 chart as a tool for solving subtraction problems.


Work Time:
In work time over the past few weeks I have been introducing the 7/8/9s to different hands-on “making” activities including finger knitting, weaving, block building, and painting. They have greatly enjoyed testing out these different materials in the classroom and soon will have a chance to plan and design independent or group work time projects using the different materials.
I’m looking forward to another exciting week with the 7/8/9s!

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