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Week of October 26, 2015

It was a short week, but a busy and fun week!  The children were greeted to a HUGE cardboard box when they came to school on Wednesday.  They promptly went to town covering it with tape-long pieces and short pieces in a rainbow of colors.  Some children worked together, with one child holding a roll of tape at one end while the other pulled it across the box and secured it at the other end.  Others added paper computers to the box so that they could play games.  The box was a puppy house one day, a boat another, and a kitchen/dining room a third day.  And, it was a great hiding spot every day!

The sensory table was back, filled with rice and beans and various containers.  One boy treated me to tomato and banana soup while another baked apple cakes.  One girl cleared half of the table of all rice and beans in order to create an otter slide (the beans were the otters).

Everyone had a chance to help make another batch of applesauce.  We loaded up the crock pot with a variety of apples, enjoyed the aroma as the apples cooked all day long, and ground them in the food mill to make 4 jars of applesauce.  When we finally tasted it on Thursday, it was enjoyed by all!

I introduced eye droppers to the children this week.  On Wednesday, they simply experimented with them, trying to figure out the mechanics of sucking up water from one container and squeezing it into another.  On Thursday, I added food coloring to the water and the children experimented with mixing colors.  And on Friday, the children continued their color exploration by decorating coffee filters, which now adorn our windows.

Another easel made its way into the classroom this week.  Once it was lowered to their height, the children created sticker pictures.  Working on a vertical surface is one way for children to strengthen the muscles in their arm, wrist, hand, and fingers, which will help with drawing and writing.  While some children were waiting for their turn to make a picture at the easel, others decided to make books.  Initially, they were going to be sticker books, but then they became drawing books.  It was exciting to see two friends who had never made a book before give it a try.  And boy were they proud!

During Morning Meeting we sang a few new songs and tried a few new games.  In the song, “I’m Driving in My Car,” we “drove” around the rug at different speeds and stopped and started when the light turned red or green.  We sang a song called “Can You Find My Treasure?” (to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”) to play a game and find objects that start with the same sound.  And in the game “Paw Paw Patch,” children took turns hiding and finding one another.  This was a big hit!

Outside on the playground, several children took great pleasure in jumping in the puddles in our sandbox tarp.  They jumped repeatedly with such force that the water jump right into their boots!  I was dumping out boots and wringing out socks that morning.  In a walk around the pond on Thursday (that beautiful, sunny day), we noticed a big machine next to the dock.  We concluded that it was the fountain and talked about why it was on the grass instead of in the pond.  As we stood on the bridge and looked into the water, we noticed our own reflections and the reflections of the clouds in the sky.  Over by the big blocks, the children boarded a pirate ship (a big, long branch), created a bridge of blocks, and negotiated how they would continue along the bridge when they encountered one another coming in opposite directions.  Burying friends in leaves and climbing trees were also popular activities this week.

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