What we did this week by the 7/8/9s! – week 10

This blogpost was dictated by the 7/8/9s. They thought about their favorite parts of the week and also spent time illustrating some highlights. 

Dear Families,

This is the 7/8/9s telling Sami what to type. On Monday we found a massive rock. At first we thought it was a fossil, but it turned out to be concrete. We were able to break it using other rocks. We broke it into big chunks, little chunks, and tiny rocks. The rocks are really sharp like knives.

On Tuesday we had our first class of Mandarin. Our teacher’s name is Kagan. He taught us Chinese characters for fire and water. We also found out how to draw the character for dragon. So far we like Mandarin a lot.

This week in math we used the 100 chart and we did hard equations.

We went on a walk on Wednesday to learn about bodies of water in Manchester. We found the river behind Round About Fro-yo. Near the beginning of the river we found a cave and when Willem went down the hill he fell in a pile of leaves. There was kind of a path along the river, we followed it as far as we could, we had to cross the street and stop when we got to Bagel Works. We got chocolate chip cookies as a treat and then we walked back to school.


IMG_6823 IMG_6822

We did movement and yoga outside this week and it was fun because we have Alexandra and she is fun.


IMG_6826 IMG_6827

During outside time we played in our fort. We slid down the dirt hill and got very, very dirty. We pulled on vines and trees and used sticks to keep ourselves up. There were lots of fun outside games this week like pretend fighting and we used sticks as bow and arrows and water guns. Chloe liked playing with Bella and Addy at outside time.



On Thursday we looked at maps of Manchester and made a plan to go see the bigger part of the river that we haven’t explored yet. We are going to have to go near Ben and Jerry’s. We are going to do it next week.

In art this week we made soap carvings. It was fun, we got to use tools like knives and pokey things. We also used pencils. It was easy to carve into the soap. People made all different shapes like diamonds, stars, mountains and trees.

We did a lot of independent reading this week and Cian got a new book called Buzby and it was great. We wrote summaries about our books and also wrote about the characters.


This afternoon (Friday) we started learning about landforms, like how mountains form. We got to watch a little video and we are going to make a big list next week.

From the 7/8/9s

Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Noah, Nathaniel, Willem, and Chloe!


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