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Weeks of November 2nd & November 9th, 2015

What a busy couple of weeks we have had!

Two weeks ago we made applesauce almost every day of the week.  On Monday, we made applesauce with orange zest.  On Tuesday, we made cinnamon applesauce.  On Wednesday, we made cranberry-peach applesauce.  And on Thursday, we made pear-ginger-applesauce.  Some mornings, kids stopped by to add apples or other ingredients to the crockpot and other times we did it as a whole group activity.  Each day the apples simmered in the crockpot for several hours and each afternoon we ground it through a food mill.  We saved the sauces and did one big taste test when we were done.  They were all quite delicious!

After our general exploration of eye droppers and colored water, the children had the opportunity to create some beautiful window art by squeezing drops of colored water onto coffee filters.  If you haven’t done so already, glance up as you approach school to see the sun shining through their work.  This activity led us to water color painting.  The children enjoyed the similar, yet different, process of dipping their brush into water, dabbing in the paint cake, and filling their papers with lines, swirls, and patches of color.  And just at the end of this past week, we finally got some easel painting started.  Painting on a vertical surface and having a big paper to fill was such a novel experience that I anticipate a lot of painting these next few weeks.

We have been doing a few cutting and gluing projects lately.  The children liked looking through magazine pages, cutting out fun pictures of shovels, animals, sleeping bags, etc., and gluing them onto a paper.  Trees, leaf piles, robots, and a robot road were created by cutting and gluing strips of construction paper.  And they also experimented with the different designs they could make by cutting two strips of paper into several pieces.

The water table was full of suds, sponges, and containers this week.  Some children filled, poured, and dumped the water.  Others washed dishes.  And some experimented with filling the containers in different ways.  Filling a yogurt cup with a sponge sometimes required two squeezes of a sponge and sometimes four.  They discovered that filling a cup with a sponge was much quicker than using a teaspoon.


Block play happens on a daily basis.  Some children enjoy building swirly roads and roads with ramps for their cars.  Other children build the same structure over and over again.  Some build the same structure but with slight variations.  Others build houses, garages, and spaceships for people.  Regardless of what they make, each child builds with blocks in a way that is satisfying to them.

Dramatic play took a turn with the addition of hats and chairs in the pretend play area.  We had firefighters, police officers, and construction workers.  We had vehicles with five drivers.  We had a bus driver driving his bus around town dropping children off at school and at the jewelry store to buy “beautiful jewelry.”  The play didn’t stop there.  Spaceships made out of magnatiles led a few children on a journey to an alien playground.  Thankfully, they had a safe return to Planet Earth!

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