What We’re Thankful For!

I hope you all had really wonderful and beautiful thanksgivings 7/8/9s families!

This year I’m thankful that I’ve been welcomed so warmly into the Downtown School community and into my new hometown of Manchester. I feel grateful for our school, our families, and your children as my students. So thank you for allowing me the opportunity of teaching them each day – it’s a pretty great job!

Now, here are some of the things the 7/8/9s are thankful for this year!


“I am thankful that I have some cousins because we get along with each other.”


“I am thankful for my family because they support me in every thing like soccer.”


“I am thankful for my dad buying me a gun because I like to shoot cans.”


“I am thankful for the world because all the things and all of the people in the world are special.”


“I am thankful for turkeys’ lives. They taste good with pepper and salt.”


“I’m thankful for my papa wrestling with me.”

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