December 4, 2015



Thome 11:4t2“We had Lili Loveday and she showed us how to make ankle bells.”

Roo 12:4R2“This is the Food Drive.”

Colby 12:4c2“We did Caps For Sale and we did it with Lili Loveday. We had fun!”

Adeline 12:4a2“We danced with scarves, it was fun. We took turns dancing with the scarves.”

Knox 12:4“Me and Thome are watching Brittany’s teacher. We are doing music and I am holding the one that slides. Thome is holding the one that has those seeds … the seed thingy-ma-bobs.”

Eden 12:4e2“We played instruments and sang songs in a circle with Lili Loveday. It was fun.”

Bella 12:4b2“We are putting food in the boxes, it was healthy stuff.”






My very own dance teacher from when I was a young child visited our classroom this week and boy-oh-boy was it wonderful! Lili Loveday brought down the house with an hour and a half of music, singing, drama, dancing, and sign language. I am so fortunate to have many passionate, devoted, loving, creative, and powerful role models and teachers, such as Lili Loveday, in my life. Thirty years later she still has so much to teach me and reminded me about the power of conviction and belief in oneself, the intrinsic value of the connection between the mind and the body, and of the importance and effectiveness of joining positive energy with unrestrained positive action. The 5/6s & 6/7s take away — “Brittany, can Lili Loveday come back?”

Here are a few highlights…

danceWe Danceddance3dance2dance4


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