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Week of December 7, 2015

Our cooking theme continued this week.  On Monday we baked another batch of Sweet Potato Bread and it turned out just as good as the first.  Everyone enjoyed being a part of the process of mixing the ingredients, and all that chose to taste the bread liked it.  On Friday we made Mini Apple Pies and had enough to share with everyone in the school.  While a bit more labor intensive and a lot messier (the flour went everywhere!), the multi-step process was engaging and the end result was delicious!

Other cooking related activities included pretend cooking with bowls, measuring cups, spoons, and food pictures in the water table.  Tasty soup concoctions of corn, apple, carrot, beets, and additional ingredients were created.  Sometimes the food pictures moved into the pretend play area (along with recipe cards for writing recipes) and we put water in the water table with the bowls and such.  The children had the opportunity to scoop and pour with various sized measuring cups and spoons and made soup this way.

During meeting times we sang the song “Five Little Muffins in the Bakery Shop.”  This is one of many counting down songs that we sing, but we also learned some sign language, thought about whether a boy (he) or girl (she) bought a muffin, and whether or not there might be a pattern (girl, boy, girl, boy, etc.) to who bought muffins.  They loved guessing what the pattern might be and then singing the song to find out if they were right.

Many other exciting things happened this week as well.  A few children created their own game called “the sick game.”  The game involved someone laying down on a blanket or tablecloth and being sick.  Someone else was the nurse or doctor and gave the sick person medicine.  If there were multiple patients, the one “who has the most blood” was helped first.  They did not have “doctor” props, they simply used what was in the pretend play area.  The pumpkin can became the medicine, the wooden knife was the shot, and lollipops came out of the vanilla bottle.  This was one of those rare moments where I was able to sit back and observe their play.  They did not need me in that moment.  They created and sustained their play on their own, and it was much richer and more complex than had I participated.

News of a beaver dam in the river passed through our school, so on Thursday we took a walk down to the river to check it out.  We walked down the path behind school, across the bridge, and through a bit of woods.  It was really cool to see all the sticks piled up.  However, perhaps the more compelling part of our walk was the observation that there was  A LOT of trash in the woods.  I always have a few plastic bags in my backpack so we filled up two bags of trash and could have filled up at least five more.  As we came out of the woods I asked the children what they would say if they could talk to the people who left the trash.  There responses were “STOP! STOP! STOP!”, “Oh my!”, and “Please don’t throw trash in the woods!…Thank you!” For this last response, imagine an indignant four-year-old stomping his/her foot as he/she spoke these words.  Quite a powerful sight.  I’m hoping we can take this experience a step further by making and posting signs with these important words.

Thank you to those of you who were able to come to the Parent Workshop on Wednesday.  I hope you enjoyed getting in the shoes of your child and playing, and maybe you learned a little bit about what they are learning while they are playing.  The children loved seeing your paintings, reading your pages, and seeing photos of you playing!


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