What’s Happening with the 7/8/9s – week 15

Greetings 7/8/9s Families,

We had another fun week together at The Downtown School.

The 7/8/9s have been working on an exciting geometry study. Last week we began to focus on area and perimeter. We spent a lot of time thinking about square units and used graph paper to draw and measure different rectangular shapes. Later in the week we decided to measure the perimeter of the ceiling of the blue room so that we can make a paper chain of the same length to decorate the room.

After practicing reading and editing morning messages for several weeks, last week the 7/8/9s began taking turns writing their own messages which we then edit together. This practice reviewing and making changes to work is helping the 7/8/9s to internalize several of the conventions of writing.


In science the 7/8/9s have been observing their sprouting bean experiments to try to figure out and understand what seeds need in order to grow. Each time we check on our bean sprouts we are surprised by how much they’ve changed! Next the 7/8/9s will need to think about and make plans for what will happen to the sprouts while we are away from school for 2 weeks!


Upper school weekly work time in Brittany’s room has been a great part of our week. This week we opened clay for the first time and many of the 7/8/9s had a chance to experiment with the messy material! Blocks are still a very popular choice at work time with lots of exciting structures being created!

The 7/8/9s news this week is in the form of watercolor paintings. Please enjoy : )





“On Wednesday we had worktime with Brittany’s class. We made a block structure it was cool.”


“At outside time me and Kelley played pass. We kicked the ball high.”


“In work time in Brittany’s class me, Cian, Nathaniel, Knox and Brittany played BINGO!”


“Today we made a paper chain in math it is fun when we do it. We use paper and we measured the room.”


“This week I painted my clay it was a heart my friends liked it. They wanted to maker the same. I like my clay.”


“On Tuesday me and Matthew were playing with blocks in the downstairs room.”

“Today we made a paper chain in math before we had to measure the blue room.”


“On Thursday we did art. We painted our pinch pots. I used turquoise.”

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