December 18, 2015

December 18


Adeline 12:18a2“We pulled each other to the school and we climbed the tree on the way back.”

Eden 12:18e2“We carried food in a wagon. We pulled the wagon one at a time. We tiptoed through the Palmer House.”

Knox 12:18“We found a beaver dam and me and Roo looked in and there was a pond on one side and rushing water on the other side.”

Colby 12:18c2“At the beaver dam the river was going really fast on one side and it was a pond on the other.”

Bella 12:18b2“We made pinch pots and we painted them. They came out good.”

Thome 12:18t2“We did a play called Waiting For Winter. This time it was the real one.”

Roo 12:18“We did a play. It was awesome. We all did a good job.”



A play adapted from Sebastian Meschenmoser’s delightful book, Waiting For Winter

play 2

play 3

Play 6

play 1

Play 8

Play 7

play 4

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