What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 17!

Greetings 7/8/9s families,

The 7/8/9s had a great first week back! I think the highlight of everyone’s week was enjoying the snow. Even with the single-digit temperatures at the beginning of the week, the 7/8/9s couldn’t get enough of being outside. They figured out how to use their bodies as sleds, like penguins and had tons of fun slipping around on the icy snow. We’re crossing our fingers for more fluffy white stuff soon!


“We went belly sliding on the big hill. We had fun on the hill. I went so fast on my knees.”

“We are belly sliding behind the school. It was fun when we sled.”


“We went belly sliding, it felt bumpy and cool.”


“This week I did sliding it was so fun and I slid like a penguin. On my birthday we sang Happy Birthday Chloe.”


“At outside time we were sledding, it was fast because the snow was ice.


“We went to the big hill to slide. Kelley went the fastest.”

The remainder of this newsletter this week was dictated by the 7/8/9s. 



Hi Grown-ups!

There is snow at school!!!! We went belly sliding on the steep, steep hill behind school. It feels bumpy and cool when we go on our bellies and slide on our knees like a rock star. Here is a slo-mo video of us sliding!

IMG_8544 IMG_8551 IMG_8569 IMG_8613 IMG_8663 IMG_8662

In writing this week we wrote paragraphs about our goals for this year and it was hard. It took all week. First we drew pictures of us doing our goals. Second we made a web of how to reach our goals. Third, Sami told us about the parts of a paragraph and we wrote the parts on cards. Then we published the whole thing on paper and taped our pictures onto the published paper. It was great because we feel successful and proud.

IMG_8631 IMG_8632 IMG_8634 IMG_8636

We started a reading challenge. We are trying to do 30 minutes of silent reading with no talking or interruptions. That is our goal. Sami said it is going to take a while to reach our goal. If we reach our goal we will get to vote on doing something so fun and special. So far the longest we did was 13 minutes, it’s hard to focus but we are working on it!


In math this week we learned about surveys. We surveyed the 5/6s & 6/7s, the 4/5s, the grown-ups and us about how many pets everyone has. Then we organized the data into a line plot graph. We had to figure out the smallest number and biggest number of pets anyone had to make the number line. Then we checked the surveys and put the information on the graph. We found out that most people have 2 pets. Next week we are going to organize all of the data from our calendar about the weather so far this year.

IMG_8513 IMG_8515

In science we read articles about how animals survive in the winter. A lot of them were about dormice, foxes, hedgehogs, wolverines, and other animals. We added the information to our web about how animals adapt.


IMG_8435 IMG_8436

It was Chloe’s birthday this week! She turned nine on Tuesday! Now we are officially the 7/8/9s! She brought us brownies with nines on them and they were delicious and great! We made cards and sang Happy Brithday to Chloe like 5 times and we had a birthday circle.

IMG_8424 IMG_8427 IMG_8456

From the 7/8/9s!

Chloe, Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem

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