January 15, 2016

January 15


Bella 2Bella 1:15

“We made puppets. My puppet is a unicorn. It will be blue, pink, and yellow.”
Knox 1:15“We made puppets and me and Colby colored ours and Colby’s was brown and mine was orange. Mine was a fox and Colby’s was a dog.”
Roo 1:15“This is the health food store. Then we got lollipops and then we had a lollipop dance party at the school.”
Thome 1:15t2“We did Family Night. It was super fun. Addy and Bella and Chloe did a play.”
Colby 1:15c2“We sledded in the dark after the Family Dinner.”
Adeline 1:15“We walked and walked and walked and we got to the hill. We brought sleds.”


On our quest to learn about the Manchester Community and its businesses, we visited Nature’s Market and recreated the floor plan and organization of this store with blocks…

Nature's Market 4
Nature's Market 2
Nature's Market 1
Nature's Market 5
Nature's Market 3__________
We got serious about our creature puppets, completing the papier-mâché process and beginning decoupage…
Puppets 2
Puppets 1__________
The 4/5s invited us to watch (and then participate in!) an impromptu play about the Gingerbread Man…
Play 2Play 3Play 4Play 1__________
Family Dinner brought us all together…
Family Dinner__________
Thome read a great story to his classmates…
T Reads__________
… and Mario joined the Downtown School community as our Mandarin teacher!

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