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Week of January 11, 2015

As usual, it was another great week!

After being able to sled every day last week, it was a little disappointing not to be able to sled on Monday.  However, this did give us a chance to go over to the playground, a spot we haven’t been to in awhile.  The climbing structure was a bit slippery, but the kids enjoyed the swings, the woods, and trying to chop the ice on the sandbox tarp.  On Tuesday as the flurries started coming down, the kids eagerly asked if we could go sledding.  On Wednesday, we were rewarded with enough snow to bring out the sleds once again.  The kids experimented with trying to find the fastest sled and the sled that would go the farthest.  They slid down the steep hill right by the school and the more gently sloping hill on the lawn.  Some even tried going down backwards, feet first.  When they got to the bottom of the steep hill, their sled stopped, but their bodies kept going!  They are certainly enjoying our winter adventures.

We added to our gingerbread house this week.  First the kids cut out shapes from various colored and patterned papers with shape stampers.  Then they glued them on the house.  They also added strips of tape and drew pictures of people, suns, and other designs.  On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Penge brought in some people and animal puppets and the kids put on a show of “The Gingerbread Man.”

More building happened this week with blocks, Lincoln Logs, Duplos, Magnatiles, and Mobilo car pieces.  They built structures for the characters in “The Gingerbread Man.”  The explored Lincoln Logs for the first time, mostly building out rather than up.  Duplo snowmobiles raced around the meeting rug.  They created suns, symmetrical designs, and a porcupine rocket ship out of Magnatiles.  And the Mobilo pieces were transformed into race cars, fire trucks with tall ladders, vehicle with lots of wheels, and airplanes with bendable wings.

In Music on Monday, we learned a new song called “My name is Joe,” about a man who works in a button factory and pushes buttons with his hands, feet, and head all day long.  They thought that was pretty funny.  On Tuesday, we had our first Mandarin class with Mario.  He taught us a simple chant with the numbers 1-3.  He also read a story about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and gave each child a monkey paper, as this upcoming year is the Year of the Monkey.  At Town Meeting on Wednesday, two kids decided to share the books they wrote and illustrated.  Pictures of eyeballs, chickens and eggs, workers digging in holes, and classmates were enjoyed by all, and the authors were extremely proud to have their work shared.

We did another ABC Flip Card puzzle with the letters I-Q.  Once again, the children really got into seeing the animal pictures, hearing the names of the letters, and putting the cards together.  They especially seem to like the “N” for “Narwhal.”  One child compared the narwhal picture to the picture of a fish in a book.  We noticed some similarities, but there were enough differences to determine that the book illustration was not a narwhal, but some kind of fish.  We tried out two new games this week, “Zingo” and “Boggle, Jr.”  In “Zingo,” the kids matched picture pieces to the pictures on a “Zingo” card.  In “Boggle, Jr.,” the kids figured out words by looking at the pictures on a card and then found the matching letters.  Again, very simple, fun ways to learn about letters.

Well, that was our week!

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