January 22, 2016

January 22


Bella 1:22b2“Brittany taught us a new game called Beat the Teacher. It was awesome.”

thome 1:22t2“Brittany taught us a fun game called Beat the Teacher.”

knox 1:22“We did a checkered board with Stacy and we put shapes in the middle.”

Roo 1:22r2“We are almost at the 100th day of school.”

Colby 1:22c2“We are going to make a store to raise money.”

Addy 1:22a2“Erica and Emma are doing a workshop with us. It will be awesome.”


Mapping Manchester

The 5/6s & 6/7s have been thinking about the way that Manchester Center has been developed. Using their personal experiences as community members, their group explorations around town, and other information that they have been gathering through observations over the past few months, the 5/6s & 6/7s have begun to create a map of Manchester. Here is their work in progress…

Missoula Children’s Theatre

We enjoyed a workshop on the art of miming with Erica and Emma from the Missoula Children’s Theatre. For 45 delightful minutes, our classroom was filled with an extra helping of excitement, stunning silence, acting, key gestures, creative thinking, problem solving, and laughter.

Colby’s Reading Share Debut

Last week Thome decided to read a book to his classmates. This week Colby joined the trend and stepped up to the plate… the 6/7s are on fire!
colbs reading 2

I think they miss Eden.

Things get a little out of whack when our crew is missing a member. In case it’s not clear, and it most likely is not, the pillow with the cup is Eden. Good news! All of our talks about needs & wants seem to have sunk in and the 5/6s & 6/7s managed to keep “Eden” fed, hydrated, and relevant to work choices all week. We look forward to sharing with him all that we have done since he left and hear about his many adventures when he returns!
missing eden

Gratuitous Sledding Shot #673


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