What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 19

Dear Families,

What an exciting week we had in the 7/8/9s!

The 7/8/9s were just TOO busy to write a newsletter this week so I’ll fill you in!

This week the 7/8/9s began to dive deep into research about our chosen forest animals! They began by reading books and articles together. Once they had a good idea of what kinds of information they were interested in they began collecting facts and drawing illustrations of their new-found knowledge!

IMG_8940 IMG_8937IMG_8941 IMG_8954 IMG_8974




We also had a special visit from Rick LaDue from the Equinox Preserve. He brought some amazing animal artifacts which he has found in our local forests. The 7/8/9s used their already amazing (Rick was impressed) knowledge of local wild life to figure out where each artifact came from, then Rick talked to us about each item. Some of the amazing artifacts included a coyote skull, fur from a red fox, a bear’s claw, cicada shells, and lots more! It was very cool to see some real animal artifacts about the animals we have been reading about!

IMG_9023 IMG_9007 IMG_9012 IMG_9006


“Rick came and he brought some really cool animal artifacts with him, like dear antlers attached to a skull, and two types of turtle shells.”


“This is when Rick was showing us animal artifacts. He is a forest expert.”

In math we reviewed our strategies for adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers. The 7/8/9s number sense has grown SO MUCH since the start of the year. We learned a new place value game called “Beat the Teacher” which helped us to practice using our mental math and place value knowledge to organize digits into the largest number possible. It’s also just very fun.

We enjoyed another awesome Mandarin class on Tuesday! The 7/8/9s are quickly learning to count in Mandarin as well as saying “Hello”, “Goodbye”, and “Teacher”. We even sang a Mandarin goodbye song at town meeting this week.


We had a super special visit from some members from the Missoula Children’s Theatre on Friday. They held a miming workshop for the 5/6s & 6/7s and the 7/8/9s. Through some really fun activities, we learned about isolation, key gestures, and body language and we were able to tell stories through our body movements. It was very fun and a great experience for our students!

IMG_9037 IMG_9043 IMG_9053 IMG_9057

Lots more sledding happened this week and the 7/8/9s also began to build with snow! They’ve been working on a “mouse mansion” but are hoping that we’ll get more snow soon so they can build a human sized fort!


“At outside time we made a mouse mansion and it was really fun because we found tons of ginormous ice chunks to use as bricks.”


“When we were sledding we went off a jump and I fell out of the sled but I was fine.”

What a wonderful week! We’re looking forward to another good one next week!

Sami (& the 7/8/9s!)


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