What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 20!


This newsletter was dictated by the 7/8/9s and typed by Sami! 

Hello Families,

In science this week Sami helped us make a really good sketch of a red fox and a peregrine falcon. We are going to make really big models of the animals. We had to research the size of the animals in books. Our next step is to cut wire to make the shapes for the bodies. Next week we will work on the whole bodies of the falcon, fox and black bear.


“We sketched our fox for our sculptures. Sami drew a really good fox. Next we need to make the body out of wire.”

In math we played “Beat the Teacher” it is fun because Sami picks out a digit card from the pile and the card she picks out you have to decide to put in the ones, tens or hundreds place to make a big number. We are getting warmed up on time. Sami put times on the class clock for us to figure out. We had to write them down on cards, then we each got a card and we put the time on the clock for everyone else to figure out.


We went to Equinox Preserve we had Rick who works there and he showed us animal prints in the snow. There was other evidence, not just tracks like we saw a melted spot in the snow near a tree and it was probably from a deer that slept there. We learned that there are 4 types of ways animals can move – there are bounders, walkers, waddlers, and jumpers. That tells you about how they move so you can figure out what animal’s track it is from the pattern. Rick knows so much about animals! It was awesome.

IMG_9140 IMG_9143 IMG_9146 IMG_9150 IMG_9156 IMG_9160 IMG_9165 IMG_9189 IMG_9196


“This is us looking at an animal mark. When he laid down their body heat melted the snow.”


“We went hiking to Equinox Preserve with Rick. I hurt my knee! We saw animal tracks.”


“We were hiking in the woods. It was slippery. Cian was slipping a lot.”

Half of the class started book clubs this week. There’s jobs that different people have to do each day after we read. Then we share what we wrote about like summarizing, illustrating, making connections, and writing predictions about the story. It is interesting because you get to talk to people who are reading the same story. The other half of the class will start next week.

IMG_9133 IMG_9136

The 100th day of school is coming up! We started to make up some cool projects about the number 100!

IMG_9203 IMG_9212 FullSizeRender-5

“I am making a minecraft person our of beans for the 100th day of school.”



“I am thinking that Will’s buildings are going to fall at work time on Thursday.”

There wasn’t a lot of snow this week but we did get to throw snowballs at Mike. That was fun!


Have a great weekend!

The 7/8/9s! (Chloe, Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem)


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