February 5, 2016

February 5


Knox 2:5k2“Knox gets a stick. With the stick he gets the bobber.”

Colby 2:5c2“We saw a man with a wheelchair. It had tracks.”

Thome 2:5t2“We are making our 100th day projects.”

Roo 2:5r2“When Eden comes back we will make Pillow Eden.”

Bella 2:5b2“We pretended that Eden was here. We made him out of pillows.”

Addy 2:5a2“We are almost at the 100th day of school. Thome and Knox and Bella made snowflakes. Me and Roo made patterns.”



Unless the elusive snow day surprises us between now and February Break, Friday, February 12th will be our 100th day of school! We have been busy, busy, busy getting ready for the big day and are sure to impress with an amazing array of 100th-Day individual, partner, and group projects. The 5/6s, 6/7s, and 7/8/9s look forward to sharing this work at our 2nd Annual 100th Day Celebration & Grand Re-Opening of the Museum of 100!

100 2

100 1



It probably comes as no surprise to any of us that those omniscient groundhogs have spoken in favor of an early spring this year. The weather has been, well, if nothing else a bit confusing. Love it or leave it, the 5/6s & 6/7s haven’t let it slow them down and have taken advantage of this mid-winter spring-like weather to revisit to some of their old favorites.
o5Running, exploring, discovering.
o1Hunting for beads.
o2Frolicking by the pond.
o3Challenging their bodies.
o4Swinging from that big old chain.

o8And, of course, holding onto every last remaining tidbit of the winter that barely was!


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