February 26, 2016

feb 26


adeline 2:26a2“We are having a Penny Drive. The Penny Drive is in the mudroom.”

eden 2:26e1e2“A change-maker is someone who sees things in the world and thinks they are not so good and work hard to make them better.”

bella 2:26b2“I made a puppet. It is a unicorn. It was awesome.”

roo 2:26r2“We jumped in the mud puddle.”

colby 2:26c2“We splashed around in the big puddle.”

thome 2:26t2“On Thursday we went down near the sledding hill and got all muddy.”



We are running a Penny Drive to raise money for our change-maker project.  The 5/6s & 6/7s are learning how to identify and understand the value of the currency coins and bills of the United States of America. Continuing the Base-Ten Number System work that lead us to our 100th Day celebration and Museum of 100 exhibit, we are analyzing, categorizing, and adding up the collected donations daily. Stop by our classroom to check out the evidence of our progress! Thank you to all of you who have tossed coins and bills into our little silver can! Please continue to do so as no amount is too small but no change at all leaves us with nothing to investigate! All proceeds will go to the TBD beneficiary of the 5/6s & 6/7s change-maker project.

(definition by the 5/6s & 6/7s)

  1. A person who makes the world better.
  2. A person who thinks that all people should be treated equally.
  3. A person who makes changes.
  4. People who make the earth feel more like the society of the people and treat the earth like they treat other people.
  5. A person who sees things in the world and thinks they are not so good and works hard to make them better

pdb“Please give money for our project to help our community. Thank you.”

pdc“We are making a Change-Maker project. Please give us some money. Thank you.”

pdt“Please donate money for the people who need our support. Thank you.”

pda“Please donate money to our Penny Drive for our Change-Maker project. Thank you.”

pdr“Please donate money for our Change-Maker project.”

pde“Please give us your spare change for our project. We are making money to give to people who are in need.”




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