March 4, 2016

March 4


addy 4:4a2a3“This is a gas station where people get gas. And where coffee is. And it is important because it is really beautiful [the rainbows in the spilled gas] and we need it for cars to go.”

roo 3:4r2“Hospitals help save lives and ambulances get people to the hospital fast.”

eden 3:4e2e3“We made cyanotypes out of evergreens on campus. We left them out for ten minutes. We are making field guides.”

knox 3:4k2“Tree companies cut dangerous branches.”

thome 3:4t2“The police help catch robbers that run away. They make people drive safe.”

Colby 3:4c2“This is a plow truck. It makes the road safe.”


The 5/6s & 6/7s have taken on the great task of chronicling the many, many types of evergreens that grow on our campus. So far we have discovered more than 10 varieties and the number keeps growing! They will be using the data that they collect and the cyanotype prints that they have been making to create their own field guides.

Why cyanotype? Well. Number one, they are beautiful, and the process is exciting and satisfying. Number two, this is the very process from which the name “blueprint” originates and through which engineers and architects of old were able to duplicate and share the plans for their amazing creations. As we continue to study Manchester, we will begin to look more closely at the architecture that surrounds us and consider how it was built. Perhaps we will follow in the footsteps of the great designers and create blueprints of our own as we plan the construction of our model community. Below are a few examples of the cyanotype prints that the 5/6s & 6/7s have made.

cyanotype 6
cyanotype 7
cyanotype 2
cyanotype 3
cyanotype 1
cyanotype 5
cyanotype 8
cyanotype 4


While we compile as much data on the evergreens on our campus as we can gather, the 5/6s & 6/7s cyanotype prints will be on display in the “Art From The Schools” Exhibition at the Southern Vermont Art Center. The exhibition will last from from March 12 – April 10. Please stop by SVAC to enjoy these, the 7/8/9s life-sized woodland animal sculptures, and all of the other (sure to be wonderful) works of art created by students in the greater Manchester area!

There will be an Opening “Young Picassos Pizza Party” Reception at the Southern Vermont Arts Center on Saturday, March 12th, from Noon-2pm.


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