What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 24

This newsletter was dictated by the 7/8/9s – hope you had a great week! 

Hello Families!

We spent most of our week this week doing science. Which was working on our animals. We finished them, but now we are making the claws for the final details. To make the claws you have to make the clay into a ball and then make it look like a peanut and then just pinch the top. We’re going to put the claws on the bear with hot glue.



“Me and Will finished the falcon!!! It was fun and we did the claws.”

– – –


“We started painting it was hard but fun Kelley and Matthew said it was fun! Me and Cian helped on the bear it used a lot of the paint.”

– – –

We had to really add details to the animals. We did the faces by looking closely at a book to see the shapes of the eyes and the nose and the kind of fur. We used different brush strokes to make the animals look furry or feathery.

IMG_0306 IMG_0264 IMG_0270

In the beginning of the week we had to mix the colors for the animals we started with just the primary colors and black and white and then we mixed them to make orange and brown for the fox, very dark brownish black and tan for the bear, and brownish gray, tannish gray, and dark brown for the falcon. Then we did color studies on paper of each animal so we’d know where to put the colors on our sculptures.

IMG_0247 IMG_0248

At outside time this week Mike told us some scary stories. One was about a ghost girl. He told us that ghosts are real. Another story was about a man’s bones that were found in the woods with his rifle and his dog beside him. It was cool to hear some spooky stories! Mike knows a lot of stories.


“On Thursday Mike told us ghost stories. He told us three stories about a girl that died.”

– – –


“At outside time Mike told us spooky stories. It was cool and spooky at the same time because it made me feel that ghosts were real.”

– – –

Also at outside time this week Sami and Brittany banned us from our fort. They said it is dangerous because there’s barbed wire and sheet metal and we keep finding big giant pieces of old metal and cans in the dirt. Maybe if we clean up the woods we’ll be able to re-open the fort.


“This week we got banned from our fort because we found barbed wire and sheet metal.”

– – –

In math we learned TWO new games! One was place value yahtzee and the other was place value compare. We had to make a place value house for the game we had to make lines to make a rectangle and a pointed roof. Then we could add details, after that we had to make lines to split the house into three spaces one was for hundreds, one was for tens, and the last one was for ones. It was a good game like war.

Chloe was absent all we because she is sick. We missed her and we’re sad that she didn’t get to help us paint the animals! Feel better Chloe!


The 7/8/9s

Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem

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