March 11, 2016

March 11


Roo 3:11r2“This is the Downtown School. And we made sketches.”

thome 3:11t2“We are going to sell wood blocks. We made the blocks.”

knox 3:11k2“We made blocks.”

eden 3:11e2“We did a new kind of spelling [game] called Magic Square. You try to find words in the square. I think it is fun.”

Addy 3:11a2“This is the Art Center and we are going to hang up our cyanotypes at the Art Center.”

colby 3:11c2“The stuff we made at school is going to the Art Center.”



The 5/6s & 6/7s ventured onto the sidewalks of Manchester this week to attempt the challenging and yet simple art of sketching. They were asked to think about shapes and lines, and to determine what key elements needed to be added to tell the story of their buildings architecture and to show its purpose. The outcome of their thoughtful and careful work is simply stunning… they never cease to amaze me. Enjoy!
sketch 1The Downtown School
sketch 4Ye Olde Tavern
sketching 3
sketch 7Ye Olde Tavern
sketch 6Napa Auto Parts
sketching 1
sketch 2Law Offices
sketch 3Zion Episcopal Church
sketching 2
sketch 5Manchester Community Library


Well, it took Sami and I only about 6 hours to get The Downtown School’s contribution to the “Art From The Schools” exhibition at the Southern Vermont Art Center just right. But we did it, and we think it looks grand! The exhibition will run from March 12 (TOMORROW!) through April 10. Please stop by SVAC to enjoy the 5/6s & 6/7s cyanotype prints and watercolor paintings, the 7/8/9s life-sized woodland animal sculptures and gorgeous backdrop, color study paintings by the 4/5s, and all of the other WONDERFUL works of art created by students in the greater Manchester area! The exhibition looks amazing and I believe that it will be well worth your time!
svac 3
svac 2Untitled
svac 1


This weeks up and down weather treated us to some very joyful and fun playtime with the 4/5s…
4:5s 3
4:5s 2
4:5s 1

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