What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 25

Hello Families!

We had an awesome week this week! It’s the 25th week, YAY! We finished making the background for the animals for the museum. We wanted to name the animals but we couldn’t agree on the name for the peregrine falcon. So just the fox and black bear have names. The black bear is Beary and the fox is named Mr. Fox from the book “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” which we love. We shared our animals at Town Meeting this week. The other kids loved them!


Sami got a new couch so we used all of the cardboard from the couch to make the scenery. Sami and Cian taped the cardboard so it looked good and was tall and then we painted it. We first painted the layers of the landscape which was grass, trees, mountains, sky and clouds. The next day we did the details of the trees and the clouds. We got to finish it outside because the day was so beautiful.  It looks great, Alexa posted a picture of it on facebook.


“We painted outside. We finished our scenery. It is great.”


“This week we did painting, me and Cian were painting the background, it was fun we painted the mountains.”


“We finished our scenery outside we also laid on the grass and looked at the clouds.”






We read a new book starting last week but this week it started to get really good. It is called “Poppy” by Avi. WARNING SPOILER ALERT! It’s about a young deer mouse that has a boyfriend that dies on a hill named Bannock Hill because an owl called Mr. Ocax killed him. The mice think that he protects them from porcupines but he actually doesn’t he just wants to be the king of the forest and boss them all around and make rules for them. If they disobey the rules he will eat them.


“This week we read Poppy in the blue room. Poppy was a fun book because it’s funny and brave and that is how it is a fun book, and a little sad too.”


There was a really sunny day this week where we went outside for writing, we had morning outside time, we had town meeting outside and it was fun! It was the first sunny day of the year. It felt very hot outside and it was surprising!


“This is a picture of the sunny day at school. The sun is shining on the outhouse.”


“Me, Cian, Kelley, Matthew, and Willem built fairy traps. We tested the fairy traps, they succeeded.”


We started multiplication this week! We got new workbooks and we got to work with snap cubes to build buildings. We had to use the cubes to count how many fit in one floor of the building. Then we had to add on another floor and figure out how many. We had to figure out up to ten floors in a building! It was cool.




Something really exciting is happening today! Sami is going to bring our animals and scenery to the museum today after school! There is a pizza party tomorrow when we get to see the art all set up.



Edit by Sami: Brittany and I spent all afternoon and into the early evening setting up our school’s contribution to the SVAC “Art from Schools Exhibit”! It was well worth the work, we are SUPER happy with our special little space! The exhibit opens tomorrow at noon! I hope you’ll come for the opening celebration and to see the 7/8/9s’ amazing creation “Vermont Forest at Winter’s End” as well as the 5/6s & 6/7s evergreen cyanotypes and watercolor paintings, and the 4/5’s color studies! Plus all of the other amazing artwork on display from schools in our community! 

We had a great week!

Love, The 7/8/9s

Chloe, Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem (and Sami)

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