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What another wacky weather week!  We began the week with a “Mixed Up Monday,” by starting our day outside to try and beat the rain.  We were treated with the rare opportunity to play with the 5/6s & 6/7s.  The older kids quickly joined in with play already begun by the 4/5s.  All kids enjoyed jumping in our big block hot tub and pretending to be puppies and kitties climbing up a ramp, crawling across a bridge, and sliding down the other side.

And what a treat Wednesday was!  The whole school started the day outside (including Town Meeting) and we decided to spend the entire morning enjoying the beautiful weather.  At Town Meeting the 7/8/9s showed us the life-size bear, fox, and peregrine falcon they had been working on.  After a picnic snack we took a long walk out back, across the bridge, and behind the Rec Park ball field in search of a beaver dam.  Eventually we found it!

After that we continued along the path, noticing and checking several birdhouses along the way, and stopped by to watch the dogs playing in the dog park.  After a quick water break in the Rec Park Pool House and a brief swing, we moseyed on by the ball field and back to school where we enjoyed our first picnic lunch of 2016.

In terms of our bird study, the children enjoyed examining a number of bird nests I brought in from my home and one that was found at school.  They commented on the different materials used to build the nests as well as the different sizes of the nests.

Earlier in the week we took a walk around the school to take down all the bird houses and clean them out.  This week we’ll hang them back up so the birds can start building new nests.  I’m hoping that we can even build a few new ones to add to the campus.

In the classroom we rolled out play dough snakes and formed them into the shapes of various letters.  Some snakes were long and skinny while others were thick.  The ABC flip cards really helped us to see what each letter looks like.  Yet another fun and interesting way for the kids to learn about letters.

In addition, the kids made patterns that extended around the entire border of a peg board.  One girl made a bed out of blocks for her doll and one boy made a garage for his trucks.

On Friday, the children decided to play bakery shop.  They prepared various treats out of puzzles pieces, dominoes, and such, and made a lovely display in the shop.  Customers then came by with tickets to trade for treats.

This week we enjoyed a number of new books we borrowed from the Manchester Community Library.  Some of these new titles included Pete the Cat in A Pet for Pete and Pete and the Bad Banana, How Do Dinosaurs Go To School, and Mama Don’t Allow, among others.  They’ve also been enjoying a number of poems from the Shel Silverstein collection, Falling Up.  We’ve read them enough times that the children already have favorites and make requests.  One such favorite is a poem called “Danny O’Dare” about a dancing bear who does all sorts of dances with funny names.  We also read a book called My Friend and I.  It is a story about two friends playing together.  First we did a book look where I showed them the illustrations and asked them to talk about what they saw in the pictures.  I stopped at the page where one of the friends’ toys is broken.  We then had a discussion about what the two friends could do to solve the problem.  One suggested that they fix the bunny’s ears with glue and others suggested that they use the words, “I was using that,” and “May I have a turn?”  Then we read the story from beginning to end.  We learned that the friends needed a short break from one another and then decided they would fix the bunny’s ears with bandaids.  The two friends then proceeded to “fix” all their toys—and themselves—with bandaids.  A sight that I’m sure we all—as parents—have seen!

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