March 18, 2016



addy 3:18a1“This is a structure that some of the 7/8/9s made and Eden made too. It is cool because it has lots of blocks.”

colby 3:18c1“This block building is 1 story high. Eden made it.”

eden 3:18e1“We made finger puppets. Some people made cyclops, some people made birds, I made two of them.”

roo 3:18r1“Ruth likes the puppets.”

knox 3:18k1“We made finger puppets for the market.”

will 3:18“It’s a robot climbing from two windows. The robot can stand on its head. The windows are in another place. The robot is climbing to escape. My robot’s name is Will.”

paddy 3:18“This is a robot. He was inside the building but he saw birds so he thought he would climb out the window. The robot’s name is Paddy. He lives at my house. The robot is me. There’s no second me at my house.”

thome 3:18t1“Brittany made the 5/6s and 6/7s a math challenge.”

bella 3:18b1“We made math numbers on register papers. We wrote on it. It was fun.”

tilia 3:18“It’s a person walking down the street to the bookstore. They’re coming from Vermont.”



Today, we had the pleasure of working with the 4/5s while Heather was off learning at a conference. They bravely joined right in, even honoring us with contributions to our newsletter! Will, Tilia, and Paddy were wonderful guests and we sure look forward to future visits!


This week saw some great building in our classroom. With it’s undulating floor, tunnel ball run, jumps off the top, hidden compartments and passageways, and its architectural beauty, this structure was a masterpiece of engineering. It also reinforced the positive experience and deep learning brought by trial and error, provided natural opportunities to make predictions and edit ideas, required patience and understanding as parts needed to be repaired, encouraged cooperative play and communication, and brought joy to the entire community.
ball run
ball run 2
ball run 3

Welcome Spring!


Vowel Digraphs, Digits, Etc.

ticker tape

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