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Spring is (was last week) here! Despite the gloomy forecast for the week, we spent a lot of time outside.  We began our day on the lawn on Monday and the children enjoyed using some of the big blocks.  As it was slightly drippy and the blocks were slick, we started out only using the biggest blocks on their sides in order to provide shelter.  When I said the blocks were closed for climbing, they got creative and decided to turn the biggest blocks into a mail truck and the smaller rectangles were their packages.  They delivered all sorts of puppy supplies to me (a crate, food, treats, toys, etc.) for my puppy.

That same morning, one child excitedly announced her discovery of a worm.  We watched it move by stretching the front part of its body, then the middle, and then the end.  As it was in the middle of the grass, we brought it over to some soil close to the bricks so it had an easier chance to make it back into the ground.  One girl made a hole with a stick and we gently placed the worm at the edge of the hole.  Upon returning a few minutes later, the worm was gone!

The slightly warmer weather on Tuesday brought about the reopening of the sandbox—surely, a sign of Spring!  The children were eager to dig away with toys, buckets, and shovels.

Wednesday was an exciting day for a few reasons.  The beautiful sunshine brought the whole school outside for a picnic lunch.  And since it was so nice, we stayed outside longer to have the chance to play with the the 5/6s, 6/7s, and 7/8/9s.  We were also treated to a tractor/wagon ride with Mike!

Earlier that morning, we changed Town Meeting up a bit.  We all gathered together for our hello song and then went into Brittany’s room for a whole school work time (our equivalent of Morning Choices).  The 4/5s were a bit shy at first about joining the “big” kids for dramatic play or block building, but they opened right up when we brought some of our favorite materials (Magnatiles and Mobilo car pieces) over from our classroom.  And sure enough, the “big” kids joined us.

In terms of our bird study, we were treated to our first sighting of a Black-capped Chickadee at our window feeder.  We re-hung the birdhouses throughout the campus and we’ve begun the preparation for an experiment as to what kind of seed birds like best.  The children were very careful to sort through five different kinds of seeds into separate bowls.

When we have a bit more seed, we’ll place the bowls outside and see which gets eaten first.  Any guesses?  The children also made birds by cutting out shapes (oval-body, circle-head, rectangles-legs, and triangles-wings) and glueing them together.  Check them out flying across our wall.

Another big hit this week was silly putty.  We mixed up our first batch of equal parts glue and liquid starch.

At first it was too liquid-y and we added more glue a little at a time.  It was still kind of slimy (a property which some liked and others fiercely disliked), a little hard, and not so stretchy, but after a few days of manipulation, it has a nice consistency.  The children like to stretch it into really long snakes, make different shapes, and even cut it into marshmallows with scissors.

And that was our week!


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