What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 27

This newsletter was dictated by the 7/8/9s and typed by Sami. 

Greetings Families,

This week felt really short! We were busy! Today is Friday and Kelley and Cian are absent. We’re working on our newsletter paintings now, so since only 5 of us are here there’s only 5 paintings this week.




In math this week it was pretty fun because Eden came and did some math with us like playing Circles and Stars and Multiplication Cover-up. Those are the new multiplication games we learned this week. They are really fun and we really like them. On multiplication cover up you have to roll two dice and the two numbers that you get, you need to multiply them together and then if you have the number it equals up to you get to put a chip on your game board. You have to try to cover up all of them. The way you play Circles and Stars is you roll the die once and you draw that many circles on your paper, then you roll again and you put that number of stars in each of the circles and then you have to write an equation to solve the problem. At the end of the game, once you do six pages, you add up the totals and the biggest number wins. These games are helping us practice times tables and it’s fun.


“On Monday we learned how to do the game of circles and stars and it was pretty fun to do it.”






We had work time in Brittany’s classroom. In the library Noah and Matthew built a fort out of pillows, bean bags, and a table and a chair. We made it into a haunted house after a while, it even had a tunnel so we could stick our heads and arms into it and stuff. Will and Cian worked on sewing. Cian made pants for his guinea pig stuffed animal that he has been working on. It’s name is Rye and he is awesome. He also has a scarf and a hat. Will is making a pillow that you put around your neck on an airplane, he’s almost done. This was Nathaniel’s first time doing cooking at work time. It was pretty good. We made cookies with apples inside of them. We had to roll out the dough and then cut circles in the dough so we could make the cookies. The we chopped the apples until they were small and we mushed them with brown sugar and cinnamon. They tasted very good!


“This is a picture of the fort. We made it at work time in the library. Me and Noah worked on it together.”


“I and Matthew built a fort. It was fun because we made it into a haunted house.”




In reading this week we finished reading Poppy by Avi. We loved the ending. (SPOILER ALERT) Mr. Ocax was dead so Poppy went back to her family and had a feather in her hand and she held it up and she said Mr. Ocax is dead. The family was really proud. Now we are trying to finish out pictures about Poppy and then we’ll start a new Poppy book called “Poppy and Rye” so we are excited about that!


“On Tuesday we made a block structure from Poppy. We made new barn, Mr. Ocax’s tree, and Bannock hill.”

poppy copy



Specials were pretty good this week. In music we are working on a song together. We don’t know the name of it but it goes like this “Our pretty planet, spinning through space, it’s a garden, it’s a harbor, it’s a holy place. Golden sun going down, gentle blue giant, spin us around.” There’s more but we’re still learning it. We’re also working on learning the music staff with spaces and lines to practice we play a game.In movement we are working on a performance. It’s a dance and there’s special moves. One thing we do is make a pyramid. Will is near the bottom and he is a sphinx and Chloe is in the middle, she is a lion.


“This week we did a pyramid during movement. I was a lion. The pyramid was good and it was fun.”

Have a great weekend!

The 7/8/9s
Will, Nathaniel, Noah, Matthew, and Chloe
(We miss you Cian and Kelley!)

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