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Week of March 21, 2016

What an exciting place the playground was this week!  The sandbox was open for more digging and the kids discovered a new trick on the slide…they discovered that they could make a tunnel with their bodies by straddling the bottom of the slide while another friend slid right under.  That brought lots smiles!

Another bright spot during the week was digging for worms, which coincided nicely with cleaning out the garden.  Pulling up all those old weeds made it much easier to dig in the rich soil.  We ended up finding 4 one day.

The worm play didn’t stop there though.  The children were quite concerned about the worms and wanted to make sure they were well taken care of.  One girl made a cozy grass bed in a bin, while others created a worm play space.  Some kids wanted to take their worms home and tried to sneak them in their pockets!

The children shared the paper birds they made at Town Meeting.  Some were shy and didn’t want to tell their older peers anything about their birds but were willing to hold them up for everyone to see.  Others felt brave enough to share a few details.  One boy told the group about his superhero bird who flies to the rescue, while another thought it was very silly that his bird’s eyes were on the body and the tail was attached to the head!

The silly putty continues to be an engaging material.  Daily, the children discover new things they can do with it.  They noticed that when it first comes out of the container it breaks pretty easily, whereas after it’s been squished and warmed in their hands, it’s much stretchier and more pliable.  The kids rolled long snakes, attached the two ends together, and stretched out long circles.  Sometimes they folded these circles in half several times to create “ropes” and twisted them around one another.  They also enjoyed hiding dinosaurs in the silly putty and creating prints of the dinosaurs.  It was neat to see the various features of the dinosaurs including skin lines, stegosaurus plates, ankylosaurus bumps, and footprints.


At the easel, children mixed yellow and white to create varying shades of yellow.  As you can see, for some, the motivation was to fill the page and see how it felt for the paint to move across the paper, while others wanted to paint a sun or experiment with how many different shades they could create.

Our bird study is experiencing somewhat of a lull, but the interest still remains.  One girl created a block nest for her birds.  The kids excitedly comment when a chickadee or nuthatch visits our window feeder.  We frequently look to the skies to watch a bird soaring or try to find the location of a bird call we hear.  We will be building a few new birdhouses in the next week or two and I’m considering segueing into focusing on fowl and the possibility or trying to hatch some eggs in our classroom.

When the children return to school on Monday, they will notice several new library books in the classroom including a new “How do Dinosaurs…” tale as well as a few other “Pete the Cat” stories and some different bird books.

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