What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 28!

This post was dictated by the 7/8/9s and typed by Sami.

What’s up Families?

In reading this week we started to read “Poppy and Rye” it was cool. It turned out that the golden mice family were in great danger because there was a beaver dam being built by the beavers and it might flood their house and kill them. Right away when we heard the beginning of the story we started having tons of ideas so we used our writing notebooks and we wrote down ideas that we thought would happen. We started sharing our ideas some people thought that Ragweed’s mom, one of the golden mice, is going to faint after she hears that Ragweed is dead and we thought that Ereth and the beavers might battle. We also think Poppy will probably help the golden mice. We don’t know if this stuff is going to happen, but it might. Writing down what you think might happen is called a prediction.


“This week we started to read Poppy and Rye it is awesome. there is a dam that might flood.”





In math this week we continued working on multiplication. We learned another multiplication game it is called “How Long? How Many?” To play this game you need two dice, and one sheet of paper that has 100s square on it. You roll the dice and the first die tells you how long of a column to make and then the second number tells you how many times to multiply it. So if you roll a 6 and a 5 you would organize five of the rods that are 6 squares long and fit it into the 100s square and color the shape in with colored pencils. The goal is to fill up your whole square. It helps practice multiplying numbers and you can count up all of the squares if you aren’t sure of the answer.


“We learned a new game called How long? How many? you play like this, by multiplication and dice.”





We’re in charge of town meeting again! Chloe was the mayor this week! We picked a song from music to sing for greeting. It was the telephone song and it took like 10 minutes to sing everyone’s name, but it was fun.




Our fort got reopened this week, but now it’s closed again. Noah found a knife and now we can’t go back in anymore because Sami and Brittany said so. It was fun while it was open! We got to find a lot of stuff while the fort was open. We found a bone, part of a balloon, golf balls, quartz, a long staff, a dog ball, a seashell, some pieces of pretty glass, a bird feather, a sphere rock and lots of other stuff. There was also a stuffed animal that had a strawberry plant growing out of it. That was cool!



“This is when we are in the fort and sliding down the dirt and finding cool stuff like sticks and metal, dangerous things too.”


“Cian found a bone that Matthew thinks is from a horse. It is in our musem. Mike says it is a bone.”


“Noah found a knife in our fort, now it is closed. We hope it can open again.”

In specials this week Mario was back and so was Stacy! That was great. Stacy brought us alligator jerky from Florida and it tasted like deliciousness and awesome sausage. We had yoga outside because it was nice out.


“We had yoga this week outside. I liked having yoga outside it was nice.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.03.05 PM


Hope you had a great week!

Love, The 7/8/9s

Cian, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem

(We missed you today Chloe!)


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