April 1, 2016

april 1


eden 4:1e1“We are going to make a market. It will start on Monday. There will be cool products and it will be called Kids Corner. We will give books to people who need our support.”

bella 4:1b1“We made puppets. I did a polar bear. It is for our market. We are selling them.”

roo 4:1r1“We made the shelving for our supplies.”

knox 4:1k1“We made sets of blocks for our market.”

addy 4:1a1“This is us eating at the picnic table with some of us running around and me and Bella trying to kiss Chloe.”

thome 4:1t1“We had a 16 year old firefighter in our school named James Gallagher.”

colby 4:1c1“James Gallagher came into our school and taught us about being a firefighter.”



After months of hard work, it is FINALLY time to open the Kids Corner Market! I have spoken with John over at Nature’s Market and we have decided that instead of Monday the 4th, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6th WILL BE OUR GRAND OPENING. We, as you read above, have been planning for Monday and your children left school on Friday believing that they would return to the work of running their market. C’est la vie. I have since made an executive decision knowing that we really need just a little more time to practice at being shop owners. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW! I will check in with each of you to make sure that they, and you, are aware of this change before Monday rolls back around. Here’s what you need to know. Come shop from your children, learn about their products and process, and help us give back to our community. IMPORTANT NOTE: We currently believe that the money raised through our change-maker project will be used to build literacy opportunities for other children in the greater Manchester community. Please stay tuned for specifics.
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Let it NEVER be said that these 5/6s & 6/7s are not fantastic thank-you-card creators! Please enjoy the words of gratitude that they have shared with James … who, by the way, was phenomenal!

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knox ffknox ff 1
colby ffcolby ff 1
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