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Week of March 28, 2016

The bird study picked up again this week with birdhouse construction!

Grandpop came in this week with all the necessary supplies for each child to make his/her own birdhouse.  First, the children labeled the roof pieces.

Then with Grandpop’s help, they nailed them together.

Next came sanding.

After that, drilling a hole for the birds to get in and out.

Lastly, a little hammering to create a bird perch.

Thank you, Grandpop!

The birds were singing this week.  Every time we went outside we heard birds singing from all corners of the school grounds.  On Friday, we got a fairly close up look at a cardinal singing from a branch.  And a couple of times we heard woodpeckers pecking away at trees.  One time we were lucky enough to get a picture of a woodpecker.

We also enjoyed a very silly book called, Chickens to the Rescue, by John Himmelman.  In this story,  the chickens come to the rescue of a member of the Greenstalk family (and the other farm animals) each day of the week.  Who knew chickens could cook dinner or do homework?!  The end of the book is left open to interpretation with hungry pigs running by as the Greenstalk family peers in on resting chickens.

A few activities I set up on Monday captured the children’s interest for the entire week.  On the rug in the Meeting Room, children constructed several different roads out of interlocking road pieces.  A few trees were put up alongside the road as were some houses and other two story buildings.  Having car races proved to be a perfect opportunity for the children to work on their communication and negotiation skills.  After listening to their peers say they all wanted to be in the race and they all wanted a turn to be first, it was decided that there would be several car races and that each child would in fact get a turn to be first.

Another captivating activity was creating collages.  The children adorned small rectangular pieces of card stock with multi-colored feathers, buttons, pompoms, and sequins.  It was interesting to hear their language as they interacted with the materials.  Many did not know what a “collage” was.  Several identified the sequins as “sparkles” and quickly learned a new word.  One boy aptly named some twinkly, sparkly pompoms “sprinkle pompoms.”  This initial collage activity morphed into a mask making activity one afternoon.  The children very carefully picked out pieces of paper that had shapes stamped out for eye holes and then added ears, noses, and other accessories.  A little string to tie them on finished up the project and the kids proudly greeted their families at the end of the day in their masks.  By the end of the week, the children were glueing the rectangular pieces of paper together to make tall superhero birds and one boy even made a mad, baby snowman.  When asked what happened to make the snowman mad, this boy put up his hand and laughingly said, “It’s not real!”

On Friday, the children enjoyed exploring some letter construction pieces.  There were tall lines, short lines, small curves, and big curves.  Letters, shapes, and other designs were created by snapping the pieces together.  This is a whole body/upper body manipulative we will continue to use to help us learn more about letters.

Lastly, here are a few photos illustrating other fun moments from throughout the week.

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