April 8, 2016



knox 4:8k1“At the bank we got a pinwheel and traded our coins for dollars.”

thome 4:8t1“We went to the bank and we traded coins for dollars. We saw a really cool machine.”

eden 4:8e1“Our class had an awesome market, a lot of products seld really well. Some of it was at our school and some of it was at Nature’s Market.”

addy 4:7a1“We had a market at the school. We had cards and puppets and block sets and big forks.”

bella 4:8b1“We had a market at Nature’s Market. We had products like puppets.”

colby 4:8c1“We had a market. We pulled the wagon with our products to John’s market.”

ruth 4:8r1“We had the people from the Manchester Music Festival.”


Kids Corner Market

Thank you all so very much for supporting this incredible effort by the 5/6s & 6/7s! The overwhelming generosity, enthusiasm, and support that this project  received from both The Downtown School community and the downtown Manchester community has made these students feel incredibly successful and empowered as creators, designers, artists, writers, fundraisers, shopkeepers, mathematicians, and change-makers. The 5/6s & 6/7s are close to finalizing their idea of how best to give back to the community with the money that they have raised during the Penny Drive and at their Market. We are greatly looking forward to being on the giving end of this whole experience!

market 15





block sets

market 3

market 1

market 7

market 6

market 8

market 2

market 4

market 5

market 9

market 11

market 10

market 12

market 13



The opportunity to have our market in a REAL market was out of this world. We cannot thank John enough for making space inside his store for us! Please enjoy the 5/6s & 6/7s words of gratitude for this wonderful partnership. And PLEASE, if you shop at Nature’s Market or if you see John out and about, let him know what a special experience this was for your children and our school!
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tyj knoxtyj k1
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Manchester Music Festival

What a way to end a very busy and exhausting week! It was such a delight (and a much needed and relaxing change to our routine) to enjoy some beautiful, live classical music in the morning! Thank you to this fantastic string quartet for sharing their music and knowledge with us!


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