What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 29!

This blog post was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s! Enjoy!

Greetings Families,

On Monday we went sledding because there was snow. It was a crazy day to have snow. We were pulling each other on the sled and it was fun. Everyone was cold, but it was funny to have snow in April.


“This week we did sledding on Monday. We pulled each other it was fun and we had to wear snow pants.”

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At work time this week Matthew, Nathaniel and Willem made block structures. Matthew made a castle, Nathaniel made a castle, and Willem made a house. It was a really fun game. We played with the colored blocks that we got from the 5/6s and 6/7s shop which you’ll hear more about later in our newsletter. We also had an up and down work time with Brittany’s class. Colby, Knox and Thome came up to our classroom and some other kids from our class went downstairs.


“I made a block structure. I think it is awesome. I like it! I made a home in it it is a castle. I made it in work time on Thursday.”



In math this week we started working on patterns. We thought about how patterns connect to multiplication. We figured out that they do because patterns have units and you can multiply the units. We also noticed that skip counting can be part of making patterns if you want to predict what colors will come next.






We went to Nature’s Market on Wednesday where the 5/6s and 6/7s had a change maker market and they sold a lot of stuff like blocks and forks and finger puppets and bracelets. Sami bought 2 block sets and 2 puppets for our classroom. It felt good to buy stuff at the market where John let the 5/6s and 6/7s use his store to sell their stuff.


“This week we went to Nature’s Market and got blocks for the school we looked at finger puppets. At the store people got stuff for them to play with.”


“We went to the Nature’s Market where the 5/6s and the 6/7s are selling finger puppets and forks and blocks.”


“This week we went to the Nature’s Market we bought finger puppets and two bags of blocks. We bought them from the 5/6s and 6/7s.”



In reading this week we did PAF. In PAF Sami tells us about tricks and ways to spell words. This week we learned about the three different theres (there, their, and they’re) we also did nouns and verbs and also adjectives this week. Usually in PAF Sami reads us words and we try to spell them in our notebooks or sometimes it’s like a game where we have to organize different words. PAF is fun because we like reading and it helps us learn tricks and rules and stuff. We are also still reading and writing about Poppy and Rye! In writing we are almost done with our animal projects. We are up to drawing and painting the illustrations to go with our writing. Our goal is to finish them before Spring Break.




Today a string quartet came to our school. They played tons of music from around the world. All of the songs had to do with nature. The viola player told us a joke it was “Why did Franz Joseph never become the most famous composer in the world? Because he was Haydn!” We thought the musicians were AWESOME. There was tons of classic music that we think people used for TV shows that had very little talking, and mostly music like Tom and Jerry. Some music was fast some was slow and some was screechy. We loved when they made animal sounds with their instruments like a cow and a seagull. It was really cool!


“On Friday a string quartet came it was AWESOME! The guy with the cello was great, there were tons of cool sounds.”


“A string quartet came to our school to perform. Me and Willem knew it from Tom and Jerry, an old show.”



Have a great weekend!

Love, The 7/8/9s

Cian, Chloe, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem

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