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Week of April 4, 2016


This was a week full of building construction and manipulation.  Each morning the children built small structures on the rug in the Meeting Room out of Magnatiles.  When they ran out of Magnatiles, they started using tabletop blocks.

For some, that wasn’t enough and they went to get cars and community worker people to add to their set-ups.  On most occasions, the children worked separately, but one pair of boys worked together to create this scene.

There was an atmosphere of cooperation as the children tried to find the pieces they needed.  One boy said, “I need one more (square),” to which a friend responded by putting two right triangles together to create a square for her pal.  Once again this boy said, “I need more squares,” to which another friend responded by taking his own structure apart and sharing two squares.

The concept of measurement also came up as the kids tried to figure out which was taller: the kids or the brick block structures.  Here are a few them.

The whole group enjoyed creating things out of the letter construction pieces.  These straight lines and curves in varying lengths and sizes lend themselves to some very imaginative play.  A few creations were rather obvious, as in this ice cream cone and person,

while others were slightly more abstract, as in this tree and moose.


The children used magnifying glasses to closely examine the “dinosaur egg” we had “hatching” in our classroom this week.

Each morning and afternoon, the children checked the progress of the dinosaur and eagerly commented about each new crack or spot of dinosaur.

They also used binoculars to look more closely at birds at our feeder or birds farther away in trees.  When this wasn’t so immediately gratifying, they hid the stuffed animal birds around the room and went on a bird hunt!

Mrs. Penge brought in a book this week, Sammy Salami by Jerry Smath, which has become a new classroom favorite!  I think I have read this book at least 5 times just since Wednesday afternoon!  It’s a silly story about a cat name “Sammy Salami” (because salami is his favorite food) who goes on an adventure in search of his owner, Pete.  Other books we read this week included The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles, Color Dance by Ann Jonas, a collection of dinosaur poems in a book called Stomp, Dinosaur Stomp by Margaret Mayo, and Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Stickland.  The children used the dinosaur books to guess what kind of dinosaur might hatch out of the egg.  Turns out…it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Other highlights of the week included a few more trips down a snow-covered hill, going to the 5/6s & 6/7s Kids Corner Market to purchase blocks, finger puppets, and bracelets, and a visit by a string quartet from the Manchester Music Festival who treated us to music from around the world.

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