April 15, 2016



knox 4:15k1 4.46.05 PM“We are going to Free Cone Day.”

thome 4:15t1 4.46.05 PM“Grand Pop Mike brought in three games. One of the games is called Quarters.

eden 4:15e1 4.46.09 PM“Grand Pop Mike let us borrow a awesome game called Knock Hockey. Sometimes it’s really loud! And I am really even with Colby at it. There’s always someone who wants to play it.”

addy 4:15a1 4.46.05 PM“I drew the puzzle that Gram Pop let us borrow. The puzzle is hard.”

colby 4:15c1 4.46.12 PM“Will us teaching Brittany karate. It was fun.”

roo 4:15r1 4.46.05 PM“We made a model community.”



City planning has officially begun in our classroom and construction is underway on our model community. The 5/6s & 6/7s have been thinking and learning all year about the choices that are made to design and build communities that meet the “needs” (and also consider the “wants”) of the people that live within them… now they are putting their ideas into action!
model city wt 1

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