What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 31

This blogpost was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s! 

Hi Families,

Today we’re celebrating Will’s birthday! It’s actually tomorrow, but we’re celebrating today! He’s turning 8! YAY!




“On Friday everybody made a card for me they were great cards. My birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it today.”

This week in science we talked about conservation and preservation. Conservation is when people can take some of a natural resource. Preservation is almost the opposite, it means that people can’t take any of a natural resource. We talked about that and we read two books about a girl in Africa who got to go to college in America and when she came back her city’s trees were gone. So she planted 9 seedlings and told her friends about it and they planted seedlings and it kept spreading on and around Kenya so eventually she got 30 million trees planted and made a new forest. This story told us that one person can change their community and help the environment. There are lots of people that work as environmentalists, conservationists, and preservationists they help protect nature.


On Thursday at outside time we did a business so we could collect flowers and wood. We used a big block to put all of the stuff in and it was so heavy. To move it we had to take out a lot of stuff. People had to pay us with flowers or wood to go into a tunnel we built. Depending on what they gave us we told them different amounts of time they could go in. Tommy had something like 30 minutes at the end because he brought us so much stuff.


“At outside time we built a tunnel, we were charging everyone they gave me Me, Roo, Noah, Willem, Knox, Matthew and Chloe stuff it was fun.”


“I and my friends collected wood and flowers. It was fun, we made a business to collect the things on Thursday at outside time.”


“This week at outside time we made a tube and charged people to go in. They paid us sticks, flowers, and other stuff.”

At art this week we used tissue paper and flowers to experiment with them to see if we could make the colors bleed. To use the tissue paper we got the paper wet and put tissue paper over it and then painted over it with more water to make it stable. For the flowers we used mallots and a hammer and some people used just their hands to smush the flowers and it looked kind of like paint. It was really cool.




We also had movement this week with Alexandra. We’re working on our big dance!


“This week we did movement on Tuesday. We did the pyramid, it was good. I had a great week!”

In poetry this week we were working on writing poems. We learned about cinquains. They are poems that have 5 lines and the first line has just a noun, the second line has 2 adjectives, the third line has 3 verbs that end in -ing, the fourth line has a phrase or a short sentence, and the fifth line has another noun. We also wrote red wheelbarrow poems inspired by William Carlos Willams. Those poems were about things that you use that are important to people. Both of these kinds of poems are short.



“We made a cinquain, a cinquain is a poem that has 5 lines and the first word is a noun, then two adjectives, then three -ing words, a phrase or a short sentence, noun again.”


In math this week we learned a new game it’s called multiplication squares. There’s boxes that have numbers in them. WE have 2 dice and roll them, whatever numbers you get you multiply them and whatever number that comes out to you draw a line near a box with that number. The goal is to get lines to make a box and color it in. It helps us practice multiplication and it’s fun!


Hope you have a great weekend!

Love, The 7/8/9s

(Cian, Chloe, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem)

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