May 6, 2016



Bella 5:6b1“We had Family Dinner. Knox broke his collar bone. His mom came running over to hug him.”

Thome 5:6t1“Knox broke his bone because he was playing with his friends.”

Roo 5:6r1“Knox, I hope that you come back.”

colby 5:6c1“Knox had to get a x-ray to see if his bone was broken.”

Addy 5:6a1“This is us saying, ‘We miss you.’ I hope you can come back to school on Monday Knox.”

Eden 5:6e1“Knox broke a bone jumping off a block and falling. I hope he feels better soon and comes back.”


Below are a few glimpses at the amazing work that the 5/6s & 6/7s put in this week on their buildings for the model community. They have officially named it Geopolopolis, so from here on out we will refer to it as such in order to inspire their imaginations and help bring this very, very real community to life! Currently Geopolopolis has a library, a school, a fire department, a hospital (which Knox visited quite a few times during construction work-time today), a store, a town garage, and a restaurant/skate park/police station. Not a bad start! I cannot wait to see how they fill the interiors to represent their building and show how it supports the needs and wants of the people that live in Geopolopolis!

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