What’s happening with the 7/8/9 – week 32

Greetings 7/8/9s Families,

We had a busy week! Sorry for the lack of photos throughout this blog post, it was just one of those weeks! Today we were able to take a cool trip to Hildene to learn about pollinators! Check out photos from our trip below!







The remainder of this newsletter was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s.

Hey Families!

In reading this week we did PAF which stands for “preventing academic failure” but we are working on coming up with a new name for it because we don’t like that name. We worked on all the ways to do the long A sound this week like “ai”, “ay” which comes at the end of a word, and “a-e” which is the bossy e and it makes a say its name. We also did homonyms this week which sound the same and are spelled different and have different meanings like the three theres – there, their, they’re, and other words like male and mail or tail and tale. We did lot’s of practice organizing these words and trying to get them stuck in our brains! Also in reading this week we did independent reading check-ins with Sami. Everyone is reading books that are a good fit for them.


“This week we had a check-in on PAF we wrote down what we remembered from this month’s PAF it was fun.”

At work time this week people made swords in Brittany’s classroom with the 5/6s and 6/7s we had a lot of fun making them. They are made out of wood and nails, we made handles with yarn and had to use the workbench to cut the wood. Matthew’s sword broke because he was trying to cut dandelions in half with it and because it wasn’t really strong wood. People were also making stuff out of cardboard this week. People made armor, like shields, swords, and crossbows that attach to your arms.


“This week at work time we made swords out of wood and nails at the wood working bench, it was fun!”


“This week we made weapons. I made a shield. Will, Cian, and Matthew had swords. Will had a gun we were having fun fighting. We made them out of cardboard.”


“I and my friends made swords. It was fun. We made them on Wednesday at work time. They are made of wood.”

In science this week we were talking about preservation and conservation. Preservation means you don’t use natural resources, and conservation means you can use it a little bit, and there are rules. We read a book about John Muir by Thomas Locker. John Muir is a preservationist who lived in America. He lived in the woods for years and even swung in the trees in storms, he saw amazing mountains, and he slid through an avalanche! He really loved nature so he documented what he learned and he got to meet with the president – Theodore Roosevelt and he helped create the national forests. John Muir helped protect and support nature so now we are thinking about how we can help protect and support nature too.

Today we are going to visit Hildene to talk about pollinators with an educator. Hopefully we’ll be able to learn something that will help us help nature. We already know that if there were no pollinators we wouldn’t be alive, because pollinators pollinate trees and trees give us oxygen and we need that to live.


“On Wednesday we read a book about John Muir he is a preservationist. Preservation means protect the resources don’t use it.”

At outside time this week we were trying to catch a chipmunk. There were tons of holes that we thought were from chipmunks, but we found out that the holes mostly end and don’t continue so they must not be from an animal. We tried to use a lure to get the chipmunk to come out, we used a flag and a flower but it didn’t work. One time the chipmunk pulled down the red cloth and we saw it. We think it’s going to be very hard to catch a chipmunk!


Yesterday we had a family dinner. To get ready we cooked rice and beans and we also chopped tomatoes, avocados, and fruit for the fruit punch. The kids from after school set up outside. We made a table out of the big blocks and the stools from the library. We also made a kids table with the smaller blocks. The after school kids were jumping on it. Our families came and it was fun and yummy, but Knox jumped off a block and he fell and broke his clavicle. We hope Knox is okay and that he feels better really soon!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 4.48.04 PM


“On Thursday we had a family dinner. There was a taco bar. We had it outside and we ate outside.”


Love, The 7/8/9s

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