What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – Week 33

This newsletter was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s. 

Hi Families,

This week we went on a walk around Manchester to see if Manchester is good at supporting pollinators, bad or okay. We noticed that it seemed okay but it can do better, so we’re trying to figure out ways to help our community support pollinators. Our big idea is to write a letter to the town manager and ask him if we can plant some seeds to support pollinators better at the town green.


“On Tuesday we went on a walk in Manchester, we went to the town green. We noticed some pots so we might plant some flowers.”





On Wednesday we went to the library and we heard a local author read her book. It was really cool. Her book is called Lady Lucy’s Quest. At the end she gave us blue feathers from the book. Also we stayed and looked at books and some people found just right books to borrow. It was cool to see an author read her own book!


“My friends and I went to the library on Wednesday we listened to an author read her book. We got to borrow some books.”

In math this week we learned division. Division is the opposite of multiplication. In division you have to think about if you’re sharing something with people, like 20 cubes shared equally between 4 people. Sometimes there can be extras. Sami made us division packets which have division problems in them to help us practice, it’s really cool. As we finish we get to add on other pages with new problems to solve.


“We did division packets, division packets are pieces of paper that have division on them, we keep adding on to the packet.”




In reading this week we are focusing on independent reading. Everyone has a just right book and we’re starting to come up with different projects. Noah is doing a character map because he has a lot of characters in his book and this is going to help him remember his characters and stuff about them. Other people are still figuring out what they want to do for reading projects.

In science this week we read about about plants and how they get pollinated. We were talking about pollination a lot. We’re also reading about bees and starting to remember the different parts of a bee body. All of this stuff about bees and flowers started when we went to Hildene last week.


“This week we went outside and Sami read a book to us, it was about bees. We sat on the grass, we picked flowers to look inside.”




In art this week we did drawing outside. We picked something outside to draw, then we used paper and pencils to do a sketch and then we used paint brushes and watercolors to paint and add colors. We used the paintbrushes to make lines over the pencil lines and not just to paint the whole thing. We’re going to finish them next week.


“On Thursday we did art with Stacy, we did some pictures outside and it was fun. We also sketched a drawing on paper.”

One really exciting thing that happened this week was that we found out that Alexa and Mike bought the yellow house across the street and that will be our classroom next year! It has two floors and the upstairs is really cool. Downstairs has a refrigerator and a big open space that we can use for learning math and other stuff. It is really cool because we get to have a whole house for the 7/8/9s next year. In the last couple of week of school we’re going to work together with Sami to start moving and planning our classroom for next year!


“Alexa and Mike got a new building for the 7/8/9s. It is awesome because the 7/8/9s got a building.”


“This week the whole school went to the yellow house where the 7/8/9s classroom will be next year we danced in empty rooms it was fun.”


Love, The 7/8/9s

Cian, Chloe, Kelley, Matthew, Nathaniel, Noah, and Willem

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