What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 34

Dear Families,

Today we are going to plant the pollinator garden at the yellow house which will be the 8/9s classroom next year. Will’s mom gave us a a pre-seeded plant mat. We just have to get the ground ready, then roll it out, and water it a lot. Then it will grow flowers that pollinators will pollinate!





“Today we are going to plant flowers at the yellow house we found a good spot . My mom gave us a seed mat you roll it out and water the flowers.”

This week we started learning about fractions. Fractions are splitting something in half like a cookie. It can split into halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and keep going on. As they go on the pieces get smaller and the whole stays the same size. We practiced with Sami’s fraction tiles and now we know fractions.

We wrote our letter to the Town Manager John O’Keefe. We want to plant seeds in the Town Green to support pollinators in our pollinator study. To do that we had to write a letter to Town Manager O’Keefe to get permission to plant the seeds. We sent the letter on Wednesday and he wrote back right away! He is going to meet with us soon!


“This week we wrote a letter to the town manager we asked if we can plant some flowers and he said yes and we were happy.”


“We went to draw at the town green. We split the paper in half and made a sketch of now, and on the other side a sketch of what we want it to look like.”


“We went to the town green to see where we want to plant the seeds. We wrote a letter to the town manager O’Keefe. He wrote back.”






We wrote our paragraphs about pollinators in Manchester. We had ideas about how we should support pollinators and we wrote them down and we had to have evidence, that means like examples about why your opinion about pollinators in the community could be true. We wrote them on post its and then we published them on lined paper. It wasn’t that hard, but it took a long time.




On Wednesday we saw a rainbow cloud. We were cleaning up from work time in Brittany’s room and then Mike called us because there was a big cloud outside with a rainbow in it! It was awesome and Sami took a picture of it with her phone. It looked like a cloud left a trail of rainbow.


“This week we saw a rainbow it was beautiful. We were outside. I call it the rainbow cloud. Sami took a picture of the rainbow cloud.”


“This week we saw a rainbow in between two clouds and it was awesome to see that with everybody.”



We did PAF in reading. We made up a new name for PAF and it used to be “Preventing Academic Failure” but now it’s called “Path to Academic Fantastic-ness”. Heather made us a bet about making a new name and now she owes us chips and salsa. In reading we also worked on independent reading.



We had yoga on Wednesday outside and we ate certain kinds of green stuff from the ground with Alexandra, like dandelion greens, thyme, and the bottoms of grass whites. They tasted like arugula.

We celebrated Cian and Kelley’s birthday today. They turned 8 years old. Cian and Kelley are so happy to be 8! We made them birthday cards and we had a birthday circle for each of them. They shared strawberry muffins with everyone. They were great!




Love, The 7/8/9s

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