What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 35

This newsletter was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s! 

Dear Families,

We celebrated Noah’s birthday on Monday. We sang happy birthday and in the birthday circle we told Noah we are glad he was born. Then we ate cookies at lunch time.


On Wednesday we had work time with the 5/6s & 6/7s and they let us play with their model of a town that they made out of boxes and wood and stuff. It was fun and we had fun. We made some ships for the town and at then end of the year we’re going to bring them home, and the ships, they were made out of cardboard. Cian and Noah got their pictures takes to be like mini models of them. First Brittany took pictures of them and then she cut the edges off and laminated them, then she cut the laminated edges off and she hot glued it to a cube so it could stand up. All the 5/6s & 6/7s have them too and they’re awesome.


“We had work time with the 5/6s and the 6/7s they made a town model out of wood. We played with it. We built ships out of cardboard.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.08.04 PM


On Thursday we had a special music teacher named Jared. He told us a story and we acted it out like a play. In the beginning we learned how to blow grass so it made a whistle and sing a song. In the story there was the king, a gardener, and the gardeners friend Buki. The gardener saw the king dancing and the king had a reward of 5000 gordes for someone if they guessed the steps to his dance right. The gardener told Buki the steps and then Buki won, but the gardener’s husband stole the 5000 gordes from Buki because they tricked him. It was fun because we got to be in a play.


“On Thursday we had a special music class the teacher was named Jared he told us a story and we interacted with it.”



In art this week we did foil rubbings. We used cardboard and shapes to make a background and it had to be equal on both sides. Then we put aluminum foil over it and we rubbed it so we could see the shapes underneath. Then we added added paint and put it on the aluminum foil, we rubbed it so it stayed in the shapes that we made. It looked good. In yoga we did tree yoga. We put our feet on the trees and did a pose we think is called “dog facing down”. We had to put our hands on the ground and then put our feet on on the tree trunk and we were upside down.


“In yoga this week we used trees to do yoga poses. My favorite one was when my feet (were) in the air and hands on the ground.”

FullSizeRender (1)



It was really rainy on Tuesday so we went to the library and Willem got some of the “Don’t” series of books. The Don’t series has a lot of books that say things like “Don’t do that!”, “Don’t touch that!”, “Don’t eat that”, and “Don’t go into the forest!” (that’s where the ghouls live). They each have monsters in them and it’s creepy. We got to read in a pile of pillows and bean bags and stuffed animals. Everyone found a good book.


“On Tuesday we went to the library. I got some of the “Don’t” series they are great books. They each have monsters I love the books.”




This week did fractions. It was fun because we made cards and we made a matching game. We got a certain number of cards and then we wrote the fraction numbers each on one card, and then we drew the drawing for the fraction on another card. Each one had to match the other card. Now we are playing games with the cards like memory matching and today we’re going to play go fish. It is fun!


“This week we wrote fractions on cards we played fractions games like memory matching games it was fun we are playing go fish today.”





We have been watering our garden and we check on it each day and it has a couple of sprouts. That is awesome. It was even perfect because it rained a lot and then it got really sunny. That’s perfect weather for our plants. When we watered the garden Sami sprayed us with the water, it was fun. All of us were screaming. We’re still waiting to hear back from John O’Keefe so we can plant our plants at the town green. Hopefully we will get back to us so we can plant before school ends.


“This week we helped the garden grow. We also watered it. The water was sprinkling over our heads and we also saw a rainbow.”





“This week we had fun in a sprinkler. I was wet, Sami sprayed us. All of us were screaming. Because we were watering the plants.”



In reading this week we have been reading outside more because it’s been nice out. We can read up in the trees or under the trees on the grass. Sometimes we all sit together and talk about our books. We love that we get to sit in the trees and read.



Have a great weekend!

Love, The 7/8/9s


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