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Week of May 23, 2016

Yet another busy, fun-filled week in the 4/5s!

Lots of real and pretend gardening happened this week.  On Thursday, we started the morning working out in the garden.  First, we dug a ditch for the potatoes



and then we put the potatoes in.

We planted a few tomato plants, three bean plants, and many bean seeds by our bean teepee.

Lastly, the children worked together to carry a heavy bucket of water all the way from the school building over to the garden in order to water our thirsty plants.

In the classroom, the children excitedly noticed that some of their carrot and bean seeds sprouted in the “Watch ‘Em Grow” garden!  The garden store was pretty busy this week.  Almost everyone took a turn making a purchase and running the cash register.

While that was happening, two friends were busy getting set up for a trip to the movies.  First they prepared movie snacks,

displayed it all rather nicely,

and enjoyed an exciting flick.

“The sick game” returned one afternoon, this time using garden store supplies as doctor materials.  The children carried the rest bag bench into the Meeting Room to make a doctor table, and then proceeded to don gloves (gardening gloves) before administering shots (artificial flowers).  Their imaginations were hard at work!

Our outside time brought opportunities to build with big blocks,

enjoy some rainy day fun,

and make a train on the slide.

We also began talking about the end of the school year.  We talked about how many school days we have left before lots of summer home days.  We touched upon some of the fun things we might do this summer and mentioned where we will all be come next fall.  Because the concept of time is still so abstract for 4/5s, and because any change to an established routine can cause both excitement and worry, many of the 4/5s are insisting that they will still be in the 4/5s next year!  I will work to find a gentle balance of talking about what will soon be happening while also respecting any and all feelings they may be experiencing.

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