June 3, 2016


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addy 6:3a1“Grandpa Mike came to the Downtown School. He taught us how to make electricity. We used boards to make electricity.”

eden 6:3e1“Some of the kids in our grade painted two new knock hockey tables and some kids had to paint really carefully because they didn’t want to get out of the lines. It looks AWESOME!”

roo 6:3r1“We made knock hockey. It was fun and it was hard. We are done.”

thome 6:3t1“Brittany and the 5/6s and 6/7s made 2 knock hockey tables.”

colby 6:3c1“We made knock hockey games for the school. The colors we painted are cool.”

knox 6:3k1“Knox was fighting about knock hockey.”

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We had a blast learning about magnets, circuits, and electricity this week. You should have heard the roaring cheers that shook the rafters of our classroom as a seven board, seven light bulb, five battery, and ten wire circuit proved to be complete and sprang to shining life with light! These seven amazing students proved their chops, yet again.

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