What’s happening with the 7/8/9s – week 36

This newsletter was dictated to Sami by the 7/8/9s. 

Hi Families!

Cian and Kelley aren’t here today so our newsletter is a little short!

We started to pack this week. A lot of people kind of liked it, especially Matthew and Noah, they were begging Sami to do more packing! Finally on Friday there was a lot to do. Just two seconds ago Matthew came in and said “What can I pack?” We are packing a lot of the games, and we just packed up the paint. Right now Chloe is packing up the sewing machine! She just closed the cover. Noah actually had a lot of fun organizing all of the markers, ALL OF THEM it was like 100, and Noah is going to finish organizing the crayons SO NEATLY right now! Matthew is going to help Noah organize the crayons and they’re going to organize the colored pencils too. Kelley started that yesterday.


“This week we started packing to go to the yellow house. I can’t wait to move there because it will be a whole new building.”


“We packed things to bring to the yellow house on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.”





This we have been reading Poppy and Rye a lot. It’s getting to the big action part. We found out that Ereth loves Poppy! The beavers are flooding the golden mice’s home and they are going to have to move. Rye is in the beavers’ lodge in a cage trapped! Poppy wants to save him by sneaking in and getting him out of the cage. Ereth was stuck in a bush and he was thinking about how Poppy thinks he’s old. That made him grumpy. Poppy and Thistle and Curleydock bit through the vines to help him get free. We wonder what will happen next!


“This week Sami read Poppy and Rye. I got my PAF (notebook) to look at the map and Ereth was jealous because Poppy is in love with Rye.”


“This week we learned that Ereth loves Poppy so Ereth tried to tell that he likes Poppy but Poppy told Ereth that she loves someone called Rye.”

In art this week with Stacy did symmetrical butterflies with us. We had to draw half of a butterfly on half of a paper and then we traced it with a big black crayon. After that we rubbed it and it came out on the other side. Then we traced the other half of the butterfly and we used watercolor paints to color it in. They came out beautiful, fantastic awesome!


“On Thursday we had art we made butterflies we folded a piece of paper. On one side of the paper we drew a half of a butterfly then folded the paper then it will come on the other side.”





We learned a really fun math game this week. It’s called Salute. You and one other person salute with a card and it’s a number card. Then people on the sides tell you what that total is. Here’s an example: If Sami and Will were playing they would each put up a card on their head and then someone else would say the total of the two numbers. Say the total was 12, maybe Sami had 6 and Will had 6, since Will can see that Sami has 6 on her head then he’ll use that number to help him figure out that he has a 6 too. Then he would shout it out.



This is our last official newsletter because next Friday is the last day of school!

The 7/8/9s

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