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Week of May 30, 2016

The highlight of our week was our trip to Earth, Sky, Time Farm in Manchester.  After a quick climb up a tree and swing in a hammock, Bonnie asked us what we thought they might grow at the farm.

Ideas included berries, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, mangos, and tomatoes.  Then we began our tour of the farm to see what they do indeed grow.

Any guess what is under these row covers?


Cucumbers! The row covers prevent the plants from being eaten by various bugs.  Next stop…the greenhouses.

Two greenhouses are filled with tomato plants at various stages of growth.  A third greenhouse has the most mature tomato plants with tomatoes just waiting to ripen in addition to some seedlings.  It is in this greenhouse that they mix their own soil, create these soil blocks, and start their other plants.

We even got to see the bakery where they mix bread dough in a hug mixer and bake it in a giant rotating oven.

Thank you Earth, Sky, Time for welcoming the 4/5s to your farm!

On Monday, I introduced a chart showing the days in this past week and this coming week.  The chart showed pictures of who would be in school each day as well as home days.  Because the 4/5s have different schedules, this chart has helped us to see who will be in school on each day and when each child has his/her last day.  This has been a helpful tool, as all the children visit it on a daily basis.

Here are some other photos from the week:

Decorating photos


Big Blocks

Here’s to a great last week in the 4/5s!


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